Unique Valentine's day traditions from around the world

There are many ways to celebrate love. Buying a precious diamond that symbolizes your eternal love is one of them. Different cultures celebrate this day in different ways. Here are some unique traditions associated with V-day!


In romantic France, the day for love is marked by a love lottery as known as loterie d'amour in which men and women stay in houses facing each other and call from the windows until pairs are created. 


While red roses came to be associated with valentine's day in Denmark couples prefer pressed white flowers called snowdrops.


Chinese v-day is called Qixi or the seventh Night Festival and during this time women make offerings of fruits in a prayer of finding husbands. 


As part of Valentine's day tradition in England, women used to leave bay leaves on their pillow in hope of finding a suitable mate.

South Africa

In South Africa, women would wear their hearts on their sleeves during V-day. They would pin the names of their loved ones on their sleeves, a custom reminisce of the ancient fertility festival Lupercalia. 


Wales celebrates love on the day of San Dwynwen with an exchange of wooden spoons between lovers. 


In Spain, valentine's day is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus and is celebrates with a marzipan figurine called mcadora

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