How to Buy Diamonds Online

This guide gives you the information necessary to buy a fancy color diamond online in 5 easy steps.

1. Choose the right fancy diamond dealer

are a few parameters to help you in picking a dealer.

The dealer should have good reputation and a variety of items similar to the one you would like to purchase. It's highly recommended to ask for a series of pictures of the diamond before buying. Choose a reliable dealer with a money back guarantee and be sure you are buying a diamond with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate.


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2. Choose the right diamond-set

The range of options open to consumers is practically unlimited. How dol you decide? A good idea is to know which diamond set you are looking for before choosing the dealer. For that matter, you have many jewelry designers available.

Selecting a diamond means choosing an entire set - the diamond and the jewelry to carry it. with the type of jewelry that fits your taste.

To learn more about the shapes of diamonds, click here.

3. Ask for certification

As already mentioned, you must remember to ask for certification.

A certificate will also guarantee that the diamond came from clean trade.

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4. A beautiful investment

Natural fancy color diamonds sparkling with intense color are of great beauty and rarity. These gems constitute only 1% of mined diamonds, and thus, these exceedingly rare diamonds have proven to be a substantial asset.

Fancy color ranges from fancy light, to fancy, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid. While fancy yellow is more common, fancy colored diamonds can and do appear in every possible color: pink, blue, green, brown, orange, and, very rarely, red.

These diamonds are incredibly valuable. Pink and blue natural fancy color diamonds' prices have increased so substantially that they are out of reach for most consumers. A high quality pink or blue fancy color diamond has increased from $10,000 a carat in 1970, to $400,000 a carat today. Fancy color diamonds have never decreased in price on a wholesale level in 35 years.

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5. Enjoy your new diamond - you will have a lifetime to do so!


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