Introducing the Diamond and Gold Apple Watch

Millions of viewers around the globe could hardly sit still as they watched the highly anticipated unveiling of the first generation Apple Watch. It was already announced at the last Apple keynote that the company will be releasing a smart watch in the near future, but it wasn’t until just days ago that the specs of the actual product were publicized.

Needless to say, Apple fans were far from disappointed and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newest Apple product. Of course, in typical Apple fashion, the prices are not suitable for every pocket. The simplest watch, the Apple Watch Sport, is priced from $350, and the next model up, the Apple Watch, begins at $550. Finally, we have the Apple Watch Edition, the most luxurious Apple Watch designed for the richest of the rich. These timepieces go for $10,000 minimum but can cost as much as $17,000! The reason: they are made with 18K gold. But that isn’t all. A company called Brikk is taking orders for diamond encrusted Apple Watches. For a mere $75,000 your Apple Watch can be upgraded to an elegant piece of diamond jewelry.

The Lux Watch

Before Apple officially introduced its new watch, rumors were going around regarding Brikk coming out with an ultra lavish Apple Watch that is studded with diamonds. Now that there is an Apple Watch, which will be coming out in the next few weeks, and Brikk is still advertising their product, it is safe to say that some lucky individuals will soon be the proud owners of a diamond and gold Apple Watch. There will be three versions of the watch: the Lux Watch Standard, the Lux Watch Deluxe, and the Lux Watch Omni. Each edition takes the already prestigious Apple smart watch, coats it in 24K yellow gold or 18K pink gold, and adds various amounts of diamonds, depending on the model.

The Lux Watch Standard

Let us begin with the simplest diamond watch, almost affordable to the average consumer. Yes, at $8,000 the price is still steep but don’t forget it includes an Apple Watch coated in gold and studded with 0.5-0.6 carats worth of diamonds set in a single row. Just like all of the Lux models, and Apple Watch models for that matter, the piece is available in two sizes: 38 mm and 42mm.

The Lux Watch Deluxe

The next level is the Lux Watch Deluxe, which includes 2-2.3-carats worth of diamonds embellished upon the gold watch. The diamonds are set around the face, buttons, and strap clasp of the watch.

The Lux Watch Omni

Finally, for those who are truly after pure luxury, there is the Lux Watch Omni: a 24K gold Apple Watch featuring multiple rows of diamonds all around the watch and priced at $75,000. The watch is also available in 18K pink gold and 950 platinum. Only 30 of these unique watches will be created.

Preorders for all of these watches were already taken prior to the Apple keynote and require a $2,000 deposit for the Lux Watch Standard, a $3,000 down payment for the Lux Watch Deluxe, and a hefty non-refundable $10,000 for the Lux Watch Omni. All three models come with an aluminum Zero Halliburton case as well as a one-year warranty.

For fans looking for the ultimate Apple products, they can always count on the fact that luxury companies will make it even more beautiful. Whether it is a luxurious pink diamond iPhone, diamond encrusted iPad, or iPad case, diamonds and gold can and have always been added to Apple products to make them appeal to the world’s elite. When you are already going around with such desirable items, why not make them the envy or everyone you see?

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