Largest Diamond Ever Mined and Cut in Canada Goes On Display

Most people don't imagine Canada when they picture the places where diamonds originate. Exotic places like Australia, India, and South Africa usually come to mind! However, there are other significant contributors to the diamond industry, such as Canada, where diamonds have been mined since the 1990s and are particularly renowned for their quality and socially responsible mining and production. De Beers Canada recently discovered a very unusual and large diamond - the biggest gem quality diamond ever to be mined and cut in Canada.  The $1.5 million diamond has caused all of Australia, where it is on display, to fall head over heels in love with it!

The Diamond


Originally a 35.80 carat rough diamond found over four years ago in the Victor mine in central Canada, the diamond was cut down into a smaller and no less spectacular 12.66 carat diamond. The De Beers Victor Mine, located in Ontario, was discovered by De Beers Exploration, and De Beers currently operates two Canadian Mines - the aforementioned Victor Mine and the Snap Lake Mine in the Northwest Territories. It took seven grueling months to cut the stone, as such a glorious diamond cannot have its diamond cutting process expedited. The magnificent sparkler is now on display in Brisbane, part of the first De Beers Forevermark collection to arrive in Queensland. Forevermark, a global trademark, feels privileged to have De Beers place the responsibility of this stone in their hands, as does the city of Brisbane, who feels fortunate to be able to host such an incredible specimen.

The Unveiling

Laura Geitz, captain of the Queensland Firebirds, had the honor of holding the sensational diamond, while covered in Forevermark diamond jewels, including a necklace and a pair of heavy but unbelievable earrings totaling tens of thousands of dollars.  Alicia Keys had previously worn the diamond earrings at the recent 2014 Grammy Awards. The Forevermark collection’s visit to Brisbane will be short and sweet, as the next stop is Los Angeles, where the elegant jewels will embellish various celebrities at the upcoming 2014 Oscars, the 86th Academy Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills.

It is certainly refreshing to see such a significant and beautiful diamond that originates from somewhere a little less common and renowned for its social responsibility. This opens many doors in terms of additional diamond sources, job openings and the opportunity for the mine to give back to its hometown. Perhaps we will be seeing more of rare diamonds from the Victor mine in the near future as well as from additional Canadian diamond mines!

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