Unique Diamonds - Not All Color Diamonds Were Created Equal

Each distinct color of natural fancy color diamonds has its own unique characteristics that differentiate it from its alternatively colored cousin. It is for this reason that the “personality” of every stone appeals to a different type of person. Hopefully this guide will help steer you towards a color and diamond that is perfect for you.

Among the world of colors there are over 230 color combinations available. Although, since it would be impossible to document the unique characteristics of each stone found, we decided to present a list of only the most commonly sold diamond colors. Note that when you include the nine intensity levels and over 90 secondary hues the color possibilities for these treasures of nature are almost infinite.

Cherished by Auction Houses - Blue

Blue diamonds are loved by both collectors and auction houses alike. They are very rare and their price performance over the last dozen or so years has been nothing short of astounding with returns of 1000% over that period. Edahn Golan of IDEX Online writes, "The star performers are colored diamonds. In the past few years, Fancy Vivid blue diamonds have been the standout items among them."

 A fantastic collection of Natural Blue Diamonds

A fantastic collection of Natural Blue Diamonds

God Save the Queen - Pink

The famous pink diamond is the undisputed queen of the color diamonds. Among the most popular colors, and considered one of today’s wisest investment options. Pinks that emanate from the Argyle Mine are even more highly prized. The mine, well known by anyone in the trade, is due to close in 2018 and its dwindling supply is in contrast to its enormous demand. Although there are other mines producing pink diamonds, the Argyle Mine is currently considered the most prestigious and producing 90% of all pink diamonds in the market today.

 A Fantastic Collection of Natural Pink Diamonds

A Fantastic Collection of Natural Pink Diamonds

Wins the Popularity Contest - Yellow

The yellow diamond wins the contest for the most popular colored diamond. Canaries are highly sought after by collectors, investors, and the general public. High intensity yellows are very expensive but lower intensities are even less expensive than colorless stones with similar characterisitics (size, weight, clarity).

 A Fantastic Collection of Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds

A Fantastic Collection of Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Unbelievable Beauty - Red

Red diamonds are another extremely rare color, if not the rarest. Red diamonds emanate from the deep/vivid pink family and the highest quality red diamonds are found in the soon to close Argyle Mine. There are only three red diamonds in existence over 5 carats. Prices for red diamonds are in the stratosphere.

A Red Diamond Collection

A collection of Red Diamonds, from left to right: an Asscher-cut diamond and three Radiant-shaped diamonds

Plays Nicely with Colorless – Champagne

Following yellow and pink diamonds, champagne ranks as the third most popular color by market demand. It contrasts beautifully with colorless diamonds in jewelry. The recent surge in demand for champagne diamonds has resulted in strengthening of their prices from their former levels.

 A Champagne Diamond Collection

Champagne Diamonds from left to right: Two Radiant-shaped diamonds and a Pear-shape diamond

Collectors’ Secret Weapon – Orange

A color highly desired by collectors as it is an unusual color and it is difficult to find high quality examples of larger stones. Prices vary according to size and saturation.

Natural Orange Diamonds

A comparison of Fancy Intense Yellow Orange and Fancy Intense Orange Diamonds

Blue Blood Runs in their Veins – Gray

Gray diamonds are from the same family as blue diamonds, and therefore exhibit and share similar traits. Although perhaps not as famous as their blue cousins, grays are still rare and sought after.

0.82 Carat, Fancy Dark Grey Diamond, Pear, IF

0.82 Carat, Fancy Dark Grey Diamond, Pear, IF

The Celeb – Black

The current “it” color. It used to be the little black dress, now it seems to be the big black diamond. Hollywood has taken a real shine to this color and it is popping up at every red carpet event. On its own or paired with fancy white diamonds, black diamonds ooze class and style.

2.04 Carat, Fancy Black Diamond, Oval

2.04-carat, Fancy Black Oval-shaped Diamond

Surprisingly Pure - White

Like black diamonds, white diamonds are entirely opaque and without clarity since the source of the color is actually a cloud throughout the whole stone. The white is a very pure white and these stones are extremely rare.

Fancy White

A Radiant-shaped Fancy White Diamond 

No Other Diamond Like it - Chameleon

Named after the reptile that changes colors, chameleon diamonds are unique in the diamond world as they are the only ones to change color when exposed to heat or light. The change is temporary. Classic chameleons change from their original greenish gray or grayish greenish yellow (olive) to yellow, orangey yellow, or yellow with an olive green modifier. Reverse chameleons reverse this color change process.  Reverse chameleons only change color when stored in the dark, not when heated and are very rare. Classic chameleons are rare but not as rare as reverse chameleons.

Fancy Chameleon

Different stages of the heating process of the same Pear-shaped Chameleon diamond

Is it Natural? – Green

This color is considered so fantastic that even a highly skilled gemologist cannot determined if it is or isn’t a natural color. For this reason, to prove its natural authenticity some of the girdle is left unpolished (a “natural”) and is not considered lower quality. Higher intensity green diamonds are very expensive.

100% Natural Green Diamonds

Hard to Come By - Purple

Often found with a secondary hue of pink, purple stones are incredibly rare. This is apparent from its price and lack of availability.

Natural Fancy Purple Diamonds

Vivid Purple next to intense Pinkish Purple Pink and Fancy Pinkish Purple

Extreme Rarity – Violet

Some say violet diamonds are even rarer than red diamonds! So rare that few find their way into the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender which only tenders off the rarest diamonds found in Rio Tinto's Argyle Tender mine each year.

 0.18 carat Fancy Dark Violet and a 0.13 carat Fancy Intense Violet

0.18-carat Fancy Dark Violet and a 0.13-carat Fancy Intense Violet

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