Out of the Blue! Unofficial Color of Spring 2014

Every season, there is a fabulous color that dominates the fashion industry. Whatever it may be, it rules the catwalk, store windows, and magazine pages worldwide. Blue is all the rage in Spring 2014, dominating the runway from gowns and accessories down to the minutest details of blue eye shadow and lipstick. Let’s take a look at the color blue, its place in fashion this season, and how far one can go with this fun, upbeat, and mysterious color!

LEIBISH fancy blue diamonds

Some beautiful variations of fancy blue diamonds 

1st row: Light Blue, F. Light Blue, Fancy Blue, F. Intense Blue, F. Vivid Blue, F. Deep Blue, F. Intense Violetish Blue

2nd row: F. Light Grey-Blue, Fancy Grey-Blue, F.Dark Grey-Blue, F. Greyish Blue, F. Deep Greyish Blue, F. Light Greenish Blue, F. Intense Greenish Blue

3rd row: F. Vivid Greenish Blue, Fancy Green-Blue, F. Intense Green-Blue, F. Vivid Green-Blue, F. Deep Green-Blue, Fancy Greyish Greenish Blue.

The Color Blue

Every kindergarten-aged child knows that blue is a primary color, which means it cannot be made but can be blended to form other colors. The implication of this fact is that blue is a dominant color, which is why it has a place in royal tones as well as in the pastel family. Often assumed a boy’s color, blue is actually a favorite color among half of both males and females in the United States, according to surveys. Perhaps this is because blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and symbolizes harmony, serenity, faithfulness, and confidence. Though blue is considered a cold color, as it is associated with ice, water, and the sea, it is also perceived as a refreshing. Popular shades of blue include navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, indigo, teal, light blue, as well as many others.

Blue in Fashion

As the undeclared color of spring 2014, we have been seeing blue frequently used as a dress color, but it has even been appearing a hair color, nail polish color, and a lipstick color. Many might think blue lipstick would look silly, however, the beautiful Rihanna has made it an appealing and glamorous trend, with copycats such as Selena Gomez following suit! When done correctly (that means that the rest of your makeup is subtle, ladies!), it makes teeth look whiter, skin less yellow, and adds a bit of spice and daring to any outfit!

According to Fashion Gone Rogue, the Pantone Color "Dazzling Blue" is the most popular on the Spring 2014 runways, featured in 29 shows, and most often paired with white. The fashion designer who used it most was Chloe, although it was popular with such names as Vera Wang, Tracy Reese, Jason Wu, East London, Jenny Packham, Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, and many others.

Blue Accessories

In addition to the slightly off-the-wall fashion usages of the color blue, there are more conventional ways of incorporating the lovely color into one’s wardrobe including shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, blazers, and a whole bunch of accessories. From scarves to hats to shoes to handbags there are so many options! A great way to add blue in a subtle manner to your overall look is through your jewelry. Think glamour and sophistication with blue sapphire or blue diamond jewelry! Colored gemstones including color diamonds have already become a staple all over the fashion industry and with celebrities, so why not welcome them into your collection? Blue diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings can go a long way and “make” an entire getup. 0.12 carat Fancy Deep Blue emerald cut diamond ring

0.12 carat Fancy Deep Blue emerald cut diamond ring

The wonderful thing about seasonal fashion themes is that you get to make them your own. While blue lipstick may not be for everyone, a refreshing splash of blue in can be! Use your imagination and add a little blue to your wardrobe this season, whether it is something big or small, simple or elegant. Remember, quality, classy items will always be a staple in your closet! 

Leibish Blue Diamonds

Leibish Blue Diamonds

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