Toi et Moi Ring Steals the Show at Hong Kong Auction

Some of the most magnificent colored diamonds and colored diamond jewelry ever to be seen make their debut at one auction house or another, but there is usually only one or two that manage to steal the show with their beauty. In the case of the recent Fine Jewels and Jadeite Inaugural Sale in Hong Kong, held on November 25th, the prize went to the spectacular pear-shaped blue and pink diamond ring. Each colored stone, is surrounded by colorless diamonds, which creates an “eight” shape and signifies the infinity symbol.

The flawless blue diamond is a fancy intense blue diamond and weighs 2.07 carats while the 2.33-carat pink diamond is a fancy intense pink diamond of VVS1 clarity. In addition to being part of the infinity formation, the diamonds represent two halves of a heart, together symbolizing “You and Me.” When combined with the infinity theme, the message is: eternal and everlasting love between “You and Me” or “Toi et Moi,” which is actually the name of the ring.

The sensational ring was sold to a phone bidder for $2.3 million, after an intense bidding war. The price was not far off from the original estimate of $2.2 million to $2.5 million.

The event, held by Ravenel International Art Group, also showcased many other fabulous pieces.  There were over 120 items on display from luxury watches, to jadeite jewelry pieces, to additional diamond pieces. All items combined were valued at  $11.5 million. One notable piece was the jadeite and diamond ring, which sold for $120,000. An additional jadeite piece was a necklace set with demantoid garnets, three Burmese jadeite loop pendants, and a diamond pendant. The necklace is mounted in 18K gold and can be worn in twelve different ways.

In the ruby department, a 5.02-carat heart-shaped Burmese ruby set in a pendant necklace was sold, as well as a pair of ruby ear pendants weighing 3.07 and 4.04 carats. There was also a 15.4-carat oval cabochon sapphire set in a ring, along with oval cabochon ear pendants weighing a total of 18.42 carats.

The President of Ravenel ‘s jewelry department was pleased with the sale’s results stating that the sale succeeded in “attracting eager collectors from all over Asia, demonstrating that fine jewels and jadeite are still very much sought-after on the market.”

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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