Record Breaking Prices – Diamonds Auctions in 2013

As a diamond investor or just enthusiast, it is important to stay on top of industry related news as well as the important diamonds to hit the auction houses. Knowing what is on the market, the estimated prices, and the prices realized will help you make an educated decision when it comes to making your own purchases. Here is a look at a handful of some of the most noteworthy diamonds set to be sold at auction or already sold this year. Only the top picks make this list, so pay close attention to the details of each and every diamond that make them so unique, special, and most of all, valuable.

Largest Briolette Diamond and Purplish Diamond Necklace– Presale Estimate of $8.5 Million to $12.5 Million

The upcoming Christie’s Hong Kong auction on the 28th of Mei has a real treat in store for diamond enthusiasts and collectors. The necklace boasts the largest Briolette-cut, D-colored diamond at 75.36 carats, classified as a type IIa, ever to be sold at auction suspended from an 18K rose and white gold necklace together with a marquise-cut purplish-pink diamond. The combination of the two diamonds is extraordinary, and the highest bidder will be ecstatic to claim them as her/his own.

Diamond and Burmese Cabochon Jadeite Earrings – Presale Estimate of HK $7 Million to HK$8.5 Million

There are to be many fabulous pieces for sale at the upcoming Hong Kong auction, and this set of Burmese cabochon jadeite and diamond earrings are just one example. Not only does this pair boast magnificent diamonds, but unusual and exceptional Burmese cabochon jadeite stones as well. It is for this reason that the price estimate is so high.

A Light Pink Diamond Ring – Presale Estimate of HK$8 Million to HK $9.5 Million

There is no better to way to say I love you than to say it with a ring that can utilized as a family heirloom. This amazing piece is flanked by two emerald-cut white diamonds and weighs 5.73 carats in total.

Square-Shaped Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Rings – Presale Estimate of HK $3.2 Million to HK$4.2 Million

A pair of Pink diamond rings from the Argyle Mine in Australia, one a 1.20-carat, fancy intense purplish-pink diamond ring and the other a 1.21-carat, fancy intense pink diamond ring, estimated at HK$3.2 Million to HK$4.2 Million (approximately US $410,000 to $540,000). The rings have a stunning design and display that brilliant pink color. Argyle pink diamonds are likely the most concentrated form of wealth available. So for those looking for a dazzling piece that will appreciate drastically over time might be in for a pretty sure bet.

Fancy Yellow Cushion-Shaped 74.53-Carat Diamond - SOLD at $2.9 Million

The Sotheby’s sale went quite well, as it brought in $78 million. Among the notable sales was the Fancy Yellow, cushion-shaped diamond, which sold for an impressive $2.9 million. The yellow jewel weighed 74.53 carats and had a clarity grade of Sl1. That is an astounding $39, 265 per carat. The sale placed this diamond as the highest priced Fancy Yellow diamond sold at auction as well as the highest amount paid per carat for a Fancy Yellow diamond sold at auction. In addition to being a mesmerizing stone, the Yellow diamond has a fascinating and distinguished past, which is partly responsible for its successful sale. The diamond belonged to his late imperial majesty, Sultan Ahmed Shah Qajar, who was the seventh and the last ruler of the Qajar dynasty in Persia. This proves that collectors are not just interested in rare gems, but those with rich histories as well.

Pear-Shaped 101.73-Carat Flawless Colorless Diamond - SOLD at $26.7 Million

This enormous flawless colorless diamond was bought by the renowned Harry Winston and named the Winston Legacy. It broke the record as the most expensive colorless diamond ever sold at auction. Its predecessor was the Chloe Diamond, an 84.37-carat round diamond. It took 21 months to cut the massive stone into the symmetric and flawless diamond that it is today.

It is always exciting hearing about unusual and spectacular jewels at auction, and those that have recently sold for astounding sums. The trick is to be at the right place at the right time and to internalize the gemstones true value. There are many factors that contribute to the prices paid for these pieces. The supply, demand, history, size, and color are just some of most relevant.

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