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Sensational Sapphire Engagement Rings

All eyes are on celebrities’ fingers as soon as their engagements are announced. Time and time again our favorite celebrities surprise us with their unique engagement ring choices! As of late, the stones adorning these rings are not just extraordinarily large and clear, but contain alternative stone choices. Instead of the standard diamond we are seeing colored diamonds and gemstones, such as sapphires. Here are just several major fashion-forward celebs who have boasted this beautiful gemstone on their rings!

Kate Middleton

Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his late mother’s, the beloved Princess Diana’s, engagement ring. This ring consists of a beautiful blue sapphire surrounded by dazzling white diamonds. The unique beauty of the stone combined with the simplicity of the ring makes an unforgettable, and an ultimately iconic sapphire engagement ring.

Penelope Cruz

As beautiful as she is, Penelope Cruz has the rare ability to be  be classically beautiful, but with a small and exciting twist. Her ring choice is just a small sample of this uniqueness! Most women choose diamonds for their engagement rings... This bold move not only resulted in a remarkable ring, but a memorable one as well!

Elizabeth Hurley

The British beauty received a sapphire engagement ring from fiancé Shane Warne, an Australian cricketer. A giant square sapphire is set upon the glorious ring, flanked by two trillion-cut diamonds. The combination of sapphires and diamonds is always astounding, due to the strong color contrast.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor had a fine collection of jewels including diamonds, emeralds, and of course, sapphires. Ms. Taylor received a cabochon sapphire engagement ring from one of her husbands, Michael Wilding.

Joan Crawford

Ms. Crawford was known for many things, including her love for sapphires. Her love for them was so fierce that they were referred to as “Joan Blue.” One of her sapphires was a 70-carat star sapphire engagement ring, given to her by second husband, Franchot Tone, which she wore together with a 72-carat emerald-cut sapphire.

Sapphires date back centuries, so it is interesting that we are now seeing  their revival in fasion culture in the form of so many  sapphire engagement rings! There are many different color sapphires, so there are many choices to make between them! 

Sapphires are incredibly durable, the second most durable substance after diamonds, and incredibly spectacular to look at. Anyone interested in adding some color and a little spice to their engagement ring should consider sapphires, and really make a statement!

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