Setting Yellow Diamonds: Top Tips of the Trade

Follow the Yellow Gold Road

Regardless of the metal color you choose for your piece, using a yellow gold basket and prongs will maximize the color of the diamond.

Not a fan of yellow gold? No worries. There are ways of using a concealed yellow gold reflective cup under the diamond, as well.  

Best Bang for Your Buck

When on a limited budget and you don't want to compromise on size, consider going with one color intensity grade lower. Once the diamond is set it will look stronger in color.

Can you believe that the center stone is a Y-Z Range, Light Yellow Diamond?

I Can See Your Halo

Placing a halo of colorless diamonds around a center stone not only makes it look bigger overall, but also creates a contrast in color which helps make the center stone stand out.

Fancy Intense Yellow Double Halo Pendant (1.32Ct TW) SKU: 355446

It Was All Yellow

Want to give the illusion of a bigger yellow diamond? Use a yellow diamond halo of the same color intensity to make it look like one larger stone

The center stones used here are only 0.14ct total weight!

Love these ideas? Want to create your own yellow diamond jewelry?

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