The most popular color within the realms of fancy color diamonds are yellows. Nearly half of the rings that we sell in the United States and worldwide are yellow, some being light yellow while others are fancy yellow.

Intense and vivid yellow diamonds are often referred to as canary diamonds, as the color saturation when faced upwards reflects the feathers of the distinguished canary bird. Although canary is not the scientific term given to these stones, the color marker often refers to the stones as canary.

India is renowned for sourcing and cutting fancy color melee. Many renowned luxury time piece brands incorporate canary melee into their watches, usually the size of this melee is below 2mm. In the past years we have sold thousands of canary melee stones in calibrates sizes for these watches along with fine jewelry. In current times craftsmen need to be aware when buying melee as many artificial stones are mixed within real goods often making it enormously complex to sieve though a parcel of 5,000 stones plus.

While canary melee is extremely popular, it is not the most frequently sold item within fancy color diamonds. The most popular fancy color diamonds are between 2 and 5 carats, depending on quality and the customers budget.

One of the largest canary diamonds in the world is the magnificent 127 carat vivid yellow radiant Sun of Africa diamond. This exceptional gem was discovered in South Africa’s Culinan Mine and even as a rough diamond was said to display full vivid yellow coloring.

There are no signs of the rise in yellow diamonds slowing down. With increasing popularity of such diamonds ALROSA (The worlds largest mining company) began offering rough and polished yellow diamonds, in turn, becoming a serious player in the yellow diamond market. Graff recently purchased the spectacular Firebird 20.69 carat vivid yellow diamond from ALROSA.

Canary diamonds are gaining in popularity, while they are selling at exceptional prices the increasing popularity of these sunshine like gems is continuing to rise and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these beauties.

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