The Condé

The Condé is one of the world's most famous and unusual diamonds. The 9.01-carat diamond's light pink color intensity level is not what makes it so remarkable, but rather, finding its size and unique pear shape in this color. Additionally, the delightful stone has a colorful history, which is responsible for the diamond's name as well.

The History

It has been told that in 1643 representatives of Louis XIII bought the stunning pear-shaped pink diamond and later gifted it to the Prince of Condé, also known as Louis de Bourbon. The prince had become known as the Grand Condé after making a name for himself as Commander of the French Army in the Thirty Years' War. The diamond remained in the Condé family for many years, hence the name. It has since found a home in the Muse de Condé in Chantilly, France, from where it was stolen and later returned.

About Pink Diamonds

Considered to be some of the rarest diamonds in the world, pink diamonds account for less than 1% of the world's diamond production. Among those pink diamonds mined, only a fraction are considered gem worthy, with large, quality stones such as the Condé making up very few of the world's pink diamond supply. Unlike yellow diamonds, which owe their color to an impurity called nitrogen, pink diamonds receive their soft color from a process known as plastic deformation within the stone's crystal lattice structure. Read more all about natural pink diamonds.

Other Famous Pink Diamonds

Despite being rare, there are several other notable pink diamonds, which have become famous due to their unusual size, color, or clarity. Some of the most famous pink diamonds include: The Princie Diamond, the Pink Dream, the Graff Pink, the Hortensia Diamond, and the Pink Orchid. The first diamond is a 34.65-carat intense pink cushion cut diamond, followed by the 59.60-carat Pink Dream, the 24.78-carat fancy intense pink emerald cut Graff Pink, the 20.530-carat fancy light pink Hortensia Diamond, and lastly, the 22.84-carat fancy purplish pink marquise-shaped Pink Orchid.

Leibish Pink Diamonds

LEIBISH has a rich selection of both pink diamonds and pink diamond jewelry. Leibish is known to have sold a few of the famous pink diamonds over the years, such as the Prosperity Pink and the Pink Promise. However, there are many stones and jewelry pieces to suit a variety of budgets. Choose from rings, earrings, pendant necklaces and more, as well as an impressive collection of loose pink diamonds.

Louping the Prosperity Pink

Shmulik Louping the 1.68ct Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink - Prosperity Pink Diamond

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