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Why does a man have to give a diamond or gemstone ring as the ultimate sign of commitment?  Why doesn't he give a new Iphone or in some countries such as  Mongolia, give a horse? It must be something mysterious or hidden that a ring with a diamond or a gemstone is chosen to seal a commitment. It started some 3500 years ago with the Breastplate and Urim Vetumim of the High Priest. The breast plate was to reveal the hidden, to disclose the destiny, to predict the future and to remove the clouds which conceal the mystery. Mortals are filled with doubts as they seek love, is it a fling or a relationship? Is this temporary infatuation or a permanent commitment? Will we be soul mates in holy matrimony or cell mates locked in an unhappy union? How can I be sure? 

The 12 stones of the breast plate gave answers for centuries to the weighty issues of nationhood and religion. They represented certainty, they provided assurance and they gave peace of mind.

According to Jewish tradition, the first high priest Aahron wore it already some 3500 years ago and it was later used in the Holy Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem until the Temple was destroyed.

Illustration of Aahron wearing the breast plate

Pictured above: Illustration of Aahron wearing the breast plate

The Breastplate with the Urim Vetumim lights and signals was used to communicate with G-D himself. it was a way to ask G-D for guidance and advise.

We are all trying to overcome our anxiety about our destiny or hope to have an assurance for our future mate, hoping for an everlasting relationship and love. We are all looking for heavenly confirmation on our relationships, on our business even on our existence.

Pictured above: View over Jerusalem Pictured above: View over Jerusalem 

Today many of the 12 stones of the Breastplate of the high priest are still used to make jewelry.

Row 1: Ruby, Peridot/Topaz, Emerald
Row 2: Red Garnet/Spinel, Sapphire, Diamond
Row 3: Amber, Agate, Amethyst
Row 4: Lapis, Aquamarine, Jasper

We are all temporary fixtures that came from dust and will turn to dust. We try to find at least an object that is timeless. We are all looking for confirmation on love and on commitment which is forever. As  the desire of humans is a fast changing phenomena we are looking for some heavenly confirmation that the relationship is  real, permanent and forever.

Obviously it's all illusion,  but we all live on illusion. it makes us happy, and that is the name of the Game.

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