The Diamond Massage

Though there are many luxuries in this world, there are some that simply boggle our minds.  Some of these luxuries include the most expensive spa treatments, which account for the extremely pricey diamond massage.  The massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage that includes diamonds as part of the treatment.  Instead of stones, such as those used for certain massages, $1 million worth of diamonds are scattered across the client where they are gently massaged onto the skin.  Any sort of benefit one receives from such an experience cannot possibly justify the cost, as well as the valuable items used.  Still, there seem to be happy customers willing to spend the money on such a service. Now, if yellow diamonds or pink diamonds were used, that would truly be an enigma.

In California, where nothing should really surprise us anymore, Hearts on Fire, a diamond company, has joined forces with Spa on Location to create the “Dream Girl” diamond Massage. The Santa Monica business has come up with the massage that involves spreading a significant amount of loose diamonds across the spine while a massage therapist proceeds to massage the back.

Though the diamond massage is certainly the front-runner for hideously expensive and extravagant spa treatments, there are others.  These include the gold facial, the beer bath, the wine dip, the caviar hair wash, and the rare edibles pedicure. It is as though someone took existing spa treatments and tried to replace the norm with the most outlandish and ridiculous items possible.  Like many costly things in this world, there are some we will simply never understand.

The gold facial uses 24K gold that is treated in such a way that it can easily be spread on the face before being rubbed into the skin completely.  The result is soft, radiant skin. As strange as it may sound, the beer bath is said to provide the skin with a number of vitamins, proteins, and saccharides. The beer is supposed to soften and regenerate the skin. For the classier people among us, a wine dip is available. On to the hair: since fish eggs are full of omega-3, it only makes sense to wash your hair with it, though most people cannot even afford to eat the pricey delicacy. Lastly, there is dessert for your feet. Literally. A pedicure that includes tasty rare edibles such as browns, raspberries, and truffles is a good way to indulge in sweets without gaining weight.

Diamonds are used for a wide range of purposes, and not just for diamond jewelry anymore.  Nevertheless, to most of us, the diamond massage and these other treatments come across as incredibly excessive.  However, if you have the money, and a diamond massage is up your alley, then go for it.

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