The Graff Pink Orchid

The marquise-cut, 22.84 carat, purplish-pink, Internally Flawless (IF) clarity Pink Orchid diamond is owned by Graff Diamonds of London. It is believed the diamond was cut at the Graff workshop and set in a platinum ring to make a complete pink diamond engagement ring. The diamond is a relatively new discovery and few details are known regarding its origin, date of discovery, and original owners. The diamond seems to have been cut in one of the two workshops of Graff, either in New York or Antwerp. The diamond had been subsequently set in a platinum ring, probably by the expert craftsmen of the Graff London jewelry workshop. From this we could probably deduce that he bought the diamond in the rough and did the rest himself, although it is not known from whom it was bought or when. Based on Graff's timeline, it seems that the ring was finished in 1987. It is quite large for a pink diamond, seeing as how most of the pink diamonds that are discovered are of much smaller carat weight. 

The rarity of the purplish-pink color, combined with the relatively large size of the stone ensure that the Pink Orchid will make its own history. The Marquise cut is an elongated Round Brilliant shape with pointed ends. This cut is also called navette or boat shaped and has 56 facets. It is said that the name of the cut originated with Louis XV of France's mistress, Marquise de Pompadour, whose smile carried a similar shape. The marquise-cut of the stone in a ring setting are said to have the effect of making the wearer’s fingers long and slender.

Throughout history, the source of pink diamonds in the world has changed many times. The earliest known source of pink diamonds was the Golconda mine in Southern India. The famous and historic pink diamonds, the Darya-i-Nur and the Nur-ul-Ain may quite possibly have originated in these mines. In the late 19th century, the diamond mines of South Africa became the main source of pink diamonds in the world. The Mouawad Lilac, the Mouawad Pink, the Steinmetz Pink, and other relatively recently discovered pink diamonds all originated in the diamond mines of Southern Africa. In the present day, the main source of pink diamonds in the world is the Argyle Diamond Mines in Australia, which was founded in 1983. The Argyle Mine, located in Kimberley, Western Australia, largely produces brown diamonds but also is the largest producer of pink diamonds. They claim to produce 90% of the world's pink diamonds. 

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