The Mysterious Diamond-Filled Chair

The best things in life are unexpected. That is the understatement of the year for a Scottish couple that got a lot more for their money when they shelled out approximately seven dollars for a used armchair at an auction over ten years ago.

Since the pair really liked the chair, but couldn’t afford to upholster the piece of furniture at the time, they stashed it in their attic for six years. The time finally came to start fixing up the chair, and husband Angus and wife Angela were actually quite pleased with the results. However, the good news did not stop there. Practically every special occasion after that was marked with an exquisite piece of diamond jewelry gifted to Angela from Angus. It was only after receiving several diamond pieces that Angela learned the truth: upon preparing the armchair for reupholstering Angus discovered thousands of dollars worth of diamonds in the cushioning of the chair. He had decided to keep his discovery a secret from his wife so he could shower her with gifts over the years. Surprised she was and was even more stunned when she learned that the chair and diamond jewelry are valued at $6,600 altogether.

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The Story

Ten years ago, a young Scottish couple by the names of Angus and Angela Milner-Brown picked up an old and worn out chair for a little over six dollars. Without any money to have it fixed up, the chair was left untouched for years. When Angus finally started to reupholster it, he was beyond shocked when he found glittering diamonds hiding behind the raggedy stuffing of the chair.

The Jewelry

Angela Milner-Brown thought nothing of it when her beloved husband presented her with a diamond ring for their wedding anniversary and was just elated when a pair of diamond earrings accompanied the following Valentine’s Day. However, when Easter was celebrated with a diamond brooch, suspicion began to rise and Angus revealed his big secret. Luckily Angela was smitten by the gesture and was eager to learn how much the entire stash as well as the revamped chair was worth.

The Assessment

Angus and Angela took the chair and jewels to the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow in order to be valued. The results? $6,600 worth of assets. The duo was beyond overjoyed at the news and Angela was especially ecstatic as she was still blown away by her husband’s romantic plan.

Most purchases at yard sales and auctions do not lead to discoveries worth thousands of dollars, but this charming story shows us how you never know what surprises can be hidden in the simplest and most mundane items and situations.

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