The “Pink Star” Diamond Becomes the “Pink Dream”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…SOLD! 5 minutes, 4 bidders, 3 hours, 2 gentlemen, and 1 hammer. That was all it took to make history! Just like that, the new world record for the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction is set!

Sotheby’s really did it this time, offering some of the most beautiful and significant stones. Starting out with the “Pink Star,” the highly anticipated and the largest Flawless or Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond, Natural Color, GIA has ever graded. This magnificent 59.60 carats Fancy Vivid Pink was estimated to sell for an astounding price of $60 million dollars. The final hammer price was a record breaking $74,120,000 USD with buyer’s premium of $9,074,250 for a grand total of $83,194,250 million, or $1,395,876.60 per carat to be exact. It has been crowned the title of “the most expensive Fancy diamond to ever been auctioned off”.

Sotheby's confirmed that the buyer was Isaac Wolf, a New York diamond cutter, who is going to rename the stone "The Pink Dream." However, we have a strong feeling that the true buyer is still hidden away from the public, just like “the pink dream” will be for years to come.

In the same auction some of the most beautiful Fancy Color diamonds also have had the privilege to participate. Two beautiful Blue diamonds, one a pear shape, Fancy Intense Blue, VVS2 clarity, type IIb, 5.51 carats that was estimated to sell for between $4.6m-$5.45m sold for $5,428,842 or $985,270 per carat. The other, Lot number 349, a Fancy Vivid Blue, 5.04 carats, SI1 clarity, that was estimated to sell for $5.56m-$6.21m sold for $6,649,541 or $1,319,353 per carat. Lots of interest was surrounding these extremely rare and very impressive diamonds.

Another star that shines bright that evening was a magnificent and truly exceptional Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond. The 20.80 carats, VS1 clarity, marquise shape that was estimated only between $1.74m-$2.72m blew estimates out of the water when it finally hit the hammer price of $5,184,702 or $249,264 per carat, just over 90% more than the highest estimate.

The last item to be auctioned off was Lot 373, the famous "Walska Briolette Diamond" Brooch, by Van Cleef & Arpels, described as “a phoenix set with brilliant- and single-cut diamonds of yellow tint, the tail feathers similarly set, accented with pear-shaped emeralds and a cabochon sapphire, suspending from the beak a detachable fancy vivid yellow diamond briolette weighing 96.62 carats, VS2 clarity, tail feathers detachable into a pair of ear clips and a brooch”. The brooch was estimated to sell for “just” $8 million, but ended up with its new owner who paid $10,556,650 or about $109,259 per carat.

Now just imagine if the buyer of the Pink Dream would have added exactly 2% more to his bid, the Buyer’s premium he would have paid ($74,120,000 x 2% + $9,074,250 = $10,556,650!), could have gotten him the Brooch at no charge…simply put it, Buy one, get one free!

See you at the next auction…

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