The Ultimate Perfection - Flawless Diamonds

What is Flawless Diamond?

Nothing appeals to lovers of fancy color diamonds more than exceptional IF (Internally Flawless) stones. As we are not perfect ourselves, it’s only natural to try and obtain something flawless.

What is an Internally flawless diamond?

We are making supreme efforts to source Internally Flawless stones. Some stones are re-polished 3-4 times to achieve the perfect color and Internally Flawless clarity. However, re-polishing a stone comes at a price - the second a diamond touches the polishing wheel, it loses weight.

To improve a stone’s color or clarity we need a whole team of experts. The journey starts with our GIA GG and Chief Buyer – Shmulik. He selects a stone and purchases it in the rough.

Shmulik Polnauer louping the 1.68-carat, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Radiant-shaped diamond

Shmulik louping the Prosperity Pink Diamond, a 1.68-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink

Success is not guaranteed. We have a stone we manufactured from a clear South African rough. The first result in GIA was Fancy Intense Yellow 3.02 carat VVS 1. We could have earned a respectable margin but we aimed for vivid color and IF clarity.

So, we polished the stone again and again - seven times in fact. It was shipped back and forth to GIA so many times it nearly earned a frequent flyer platinum card. However, we ended up with a 2.37 carat Fancy Intense Yellow IF. The stone is a super gem, an intense yellow 2.37 carat diamond; down from the 3.01 carat stone we started with, which is a 25% reduction in weight.

The cost of such an operation is scary. But we had no choice - we want to be the best…

This process sometimes can take up to a year considering that the GIA on average keep a stone for five weeks before looking at it.

The 4.96 carat Rough Pink Diamond

The 4.96ct Pink rough we polished to a 2.00ct Vivid Pink

2.37 Carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Cushion, IF

2.37carat Fancy Intense Yellow IF - seven tries but we missed the vivid

A 1.45 carat Fancy Intense Pink Princess - Argyle Diamond

This one we hit in one shot - 1.45 carat Fancy Intense Pink VS2 Argyle

The differences between FL to IF:

FL and IF diamonds sit next to each other on the Clarity scale with FL being the highest grading. The main difference is that unlike FL diamonds, IF diamonds have slight surface blemishes, although unnoticeable under 10x magnification.  

You Win Some – You Lose Some

We saw a 1.52 carat Argyle diamond in Hong Kong set in a ring. I found the stone an absolute nonevent but Shmulik had a hunch about this old Argyle diamond and said, “Papa, we will polish this stone to an Intense Pink VS2.”

It seemed to me like a long shot, about as possible as running up to the Annapurna Base Camp in a day -but he was right. The stone turned out a 1.45 carat Fancy Intense Pink VS2 Princess; one of the finest Argyle stones we have in stock.

3.01 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond, Emerald, IF

3.01ct Fancy Vivid Yellow IF - perfection in a canary diamond

1.56 Carat, Fancy Brownish Orange Pink Diamond, Pear, IF

1.56 carat Fancy Brownish Orange Pink IF clarity

2.00 Carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Round, IF

2.00 caratt Fancy Intense yellow IF round brilliant

A perfect stone with an IF clarity is a rarity and is not really affected by price fluctuations. The gold price has declined by approximately 30% this year. Rapaport reduced its price list by 3-5%, but in fancy color diamonds we don’t see any downward trend, let alone downward spiral, on IF goods or on Intense yellows or pink diamonds. In a market where prices for colorless stones are getting weaker, color diamond prices remain steady.

Since we know that not everyone can buy an Internally Flawless diamond, we propose a second channel for those aiming for perfection. We offer a real upgrade to the stones with the perfect setting for your diamond, with our color diamond rings. With our designs and setting technique you have a real home run.

6 tips that will help you to choose a flawless diamond:

1) Fist Choose The Carat And Color 

We already know you'll be choosing an IF diamond and we will look at the cut soon, so first choose your desired diamond carat and color.

2) Focus On Cut

With IF diamonds, checking for inclusions is not necessary. An IF diamond guarantees an eye-clean diamond and therefore we suggest you focus on the cut quality when considering it's light performance and sparkle.

3) Compare Compare Compare!

Compare similar diamonds until you find the perfect one. 

4) Buy From A Trusted Diamond Jeweler

Of course look around at options, but in the end choose a trusted diamond jeweler with a top reputation that is fortunate enough to sell IF diamond's. 

5) Verify The Certificate

In your search, consider only GIA and AGS certified diamonds.

6) Make The Purchase

Once you feel confident and excited about your perfect diamond, buy it (along with a setting of your choice if wanted)! 

I am continuously surprised by how our Jewelry Department can turn a relatively nondescript stone into a perfect event. Our Designer, Chavi Itzhakov, and our Jeweler, Richard Lewis, and his team in our factory are obsessed with perfection. This week two new items came out from the factory, manufactured from existing stock items - I did not even recognize the stones.

 Chavi Itzhakov and Richard Lewis

LEIBISH's jewelry division, manged by Chavi and Richard, is where the creation of these fine, unique color diamond jewelry pieces are made

Sometimes poor design subdues the potential of the raw materials, but sometimes it is the tiny details of jewelry, some of it only visible under a microscope, that differentiate a nice piece of jewelry from a work of art.

1.65 Carat, Fancy Light Yellowish Green Radiant & Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Pear Diamond Designer Ring, Radiant, SI1

1.65ct Fancy light Yellowish Green set with a matching  pair of pink diamonds


1.74 Carat, Fancy Yellow Hexagonal Diamond Ring, Hexagonal, SI1

1.74 Carat, Fancy Yellow Hexagonal Diamond Ring, Hexagonal, SI1

Many artists use the same paint and canvas but the result is the difference.

Everything has a price and is negotiable but perfection is priceless. It cannot be bought and sold according to a price list like just any commodity; it must be achieved and appreciated.

Leibish Polnauer

Best regards,


Leibish Polnauer, President and Founder of LEIBISH Fancy Color Diamonds

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