The Winner of Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

We have nature to thank for the myriad of colors that paint our world as well as artists and creators who know how to use these colors best. When we think about it, what would this world look like without color? Probably incredibly dull and boring.

Chameleon Pear Diamond Solitaire Ring

Image of diamonds in color

Pantone holds an annual color contest, and the winner for Color of the Year 2017 is greenery!

This is a lovely yellow-green color, and is extremely appropriate for spring, which is at our doorstep. The vibrant shade brings up many positive feelings including passion and warmth. There is no better way to bring this exquisite color forth than through stunning greenery-colored jewelry pieces. Here is a quick look at some stones that best convey the winning color as well as at some lesser-known stones of similar colors.

Yellowish Green Diamonds

Surprise surprise! There are yellow diamonds and there are also green diamonds! (Read about Green Diamonds here!) Best of all there is a huge range of diamonds that are a combination of these two bright, natural, spring colors bringing you everything there is to love about greenery. Such diamonds look fabulous when placed in stud settings, worn as a pendant necklace, or when highlighted in a beautiful engagement ring.

Chameleon Diamonds: Best of Both Worlds

Nature never ceases to amaze, and natural chameleon diamonds are a perfect testament to this. (Read about Chameleon Diamonds here!) These unique stones are the only diamonds that have the ability to change colors. They happen to change colors between yellow, green, and brown; the very colors that greenery encompasses.

Emeralds Galore

Another fabulous stone to encapsulate the beauty and vibe of the greenery color is the emerald. Known for its rich deep green color, emeralds can be found in an array of greenish-yellow hues. (Check out our emerald collection here!) Colombian emeralds are known to be the best, but stunning quality emeralds are sourced from many other locations as well and make very impressive jewelry pieces.

Introducing the Tourmaline

Another fabulous green/yellow stone that can provide that earthy and fresh feeling is the green tourmaline. Tourmalines are crystalline boron silicate minerals that can have trace elements such as aluminum, iron, lithium, magnesium, potassium and sodium resulting in different colored semi-precious gemstones. Green tourmalines offer a beautiful shimmering green jewel for a much more affordable price.

All About the Tsavorite

Tsvaorite is a variety of the garnet family, mainly known for its red ruby-like stones. It is a somewhat recent discovery that is found mainly in Tanzania and Madagascar. Its green color is electrifying and makes a charming addition to any gemstone or jewelry collection.

While color is certainly a matter of taste, and only you can decide what colors suit you best regardless of the Color of the Year winner, the greenery color and its green companions happen to make beautiful jewelry pieces thanks to the beauty of nature’s phenomenal stones. Such pieces instantly liven up an otherwise drab outfit and bring out the shine in your eyes or the golden tone of your skin.

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