Vivid Green Diamond for a Change

Fancy color diamonds are found in all of the colors of the rainbow. This includes pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, brown, gray, black, white, and chameleon (color changing) diamonds, oh and everything in between! While some colors such as yellow and brown are found in greater abundance than others, certain hues are more popular, like yellow, pink, and blue. While each color has something unique to offer, some colors can fall under the radar as a result of their rarity, their prices, or the lack of awareness in regards to their existence. However, popularity doesn't always coincide with demand. Vivid green diamonds for example are sought after by many diamond collectors. Even many of those in the diamond and gemstone scene are somewhat unaware of all that this incredible stone has to offer.

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Perhaps the upcoming auction of a fancy vivid green diamond that Sotheby’s is putting up for sale will stir some interest and draw diamond and gemstone enthusiasts deeper into the world of colors.

The Stone

The Aurora Green, a 5.03-carat fancy vivid green diamond, will be auctioned at Hong Kong’s Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale on May 31. This diamond is extremely rare for several reasons. Firstly, it is a large color diamond. Secondly, it is the largest vivid green diamond ever to be auctioned. Lastly, the stone does not have any fluorescence, which is incredibly rare for such a diamond; is radiant cut; and has VS2 clarity. There are speculations that the stone is worth $16 to $20 million, which translates into $3.18 million to $3.98 million per carat!

Rare and Unique

We don’t get to see green diamonds at auction very often. In fact, the last fancy vivid green diamond like this to be sold at Sotheby’s auction was in 2003. It was a 2.54-carat fancy vivid green VS1 stone. The diamond sold at their Magnificent Jewels sale in 2009 for $3.08 million or $1.222 million per carat.

Asia and Green Diamonds

Every market has a country or several countries that are their primary consumers or target customers. When it comes to fancy green diamonds, Asia is a big player, as its population greatly appreciates the beauty of the green stone. It is believed that the highest bidder of the Aurora Green will be from Asia as well. However, anything is possible. Perhaps a buyer seeking out something truly beautiful, rare, and special will make a high bid and become the new owner of this unique specimen.

Interested to know more about what this color has to offer? Take a look at our collection of green diamonds.

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