Wearing Diamonds After a Split

We are a species that love material objects. It’s just a fact. However, as we are humans after all, these things generally have some sort of sentiment, especially when talking about items that are generally given as special occasion gifts such as diamond jewelry. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding band, diamond promise ring, or any other type of jewel that was given to mark some part of a relationship, the small yet sometimes very valuable object will hold more emotional value than both its size and its value. 

This is precisely why wearing or even holding onto jewelry pieces after a relationship has ended can be extremely difficult. However, assuming the piece has remained in your possession, there is absolutely no reason to sentence your jewels to an indefinite stay in some dusty box! Repurpose your diamonds, sentimentally speaking (and physically speaking if you wish as well), and start a new leaf.

Exciting Beginnings, Unfortunate Endings 

Part of being a celebrity means being in the spotlight 24/7. That of course includes having the world know as soon a nice sparkling rock makes its way to your left ring finger. Twitter, FaceBook, and an announcement in the newspaper are far from necessary when you have the paparazzi working around the clock. They do their job and they do their job well, so we are truly always aware about our favorite stars taking the next step in their personal lives. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the reverse situation. When a certain ring has been removed, or when there has simply been some trouble in paradise, rumors spread faster than fire and we brace ourselves for another Hollywood relationship gone sour. Celebs often remove their very large diamond jewelry upon splitting from their better halves, which usually end up left unworn, unused, or sold at auction. 

A Diamond’s a Diamond’s a Diamond

We are firm believers in the endless possibilities of diamond jewelry to hold tremendous sentimental value, but we also appreciate a diamond’s beauty and feel that it should not be hidden, even in the event of a failed marriage. It can be difficult to wear or even see jewels that represented a happy relationship immediately after it has crumbled, but after a bit of time, the piece can be retrieved and seen in a different light. If all else fails, the diamond can be reset and given a completely different look. There is no reason not to give continued purpose to one of nature’s most magnificent gifts that could potentially bring enormous joy to its wearers each and every time. 

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