From the Ephemeral to the Eternal

Only 10 short years since the turn of the millennium yet it feels like another century has passed. The pace and plethora of information with which we have to deal make everything seem to move at warp speed.


In 1980, our company was one of the first to install a Telex machine. Most of my readers don’t even know what a great invention the Telex machine was. It looked like a large electric typewriter, which, all of sudden, would spring to life – ping, ping. The machine would start to type a text message; almost like an ancient online chat with a far away country. It sure did generate an impressive noise.


When we purchased the Telex we operated from a one room office and when that machine started to clatter away all present looked at it like G-d himself was speaking to us directly from heaven. Each message was a stunning event. Orders were written in short sentences in order to save on cost, unlike modern e-mail.


Just one year after the fax machine appeared in the 1980’s, the noisy old Telex became obsolete. We could not even give it away! Imagine, the word “Telex” doesn't even appear in the spell check of my computer.


Most communication today is paperless and completely online. The almost unlimited access and saturation of modern technology has created a global community - we all live in the same city. I can see the black Labrador of our client resting in front of their fireplace in Texas. Before the dog rouses, I see his image on my cell phone.


The first picture I took of a fancy color diamond took about 2 hours to upload. Following each picture, I had to dismantle the camera, remove the memory card, connect it to the computer and upload the data to the website – picture by picture. It took me hours, but I never gave up.


The concept of passing time and crossing distances has changed dramatically. Today I can simultaneously chat on my Blackberry with Shanghai, Vicenza, New York, and Tel Aviv. Sometimes I miss the days when things took a little longer.


One of the things so fascinating and stunning about diamonds is that they perpetually shine. This is something you notice immediately. One of the reasons why diamonds hold such great appeal is because of their ability to look sparkling and fresh even when centuries old.


We still have some diamonds we polished before the turn of the century - they look as pretty as ever. And although almost all the technologies and technical aspects of diamond trade may have changed, our business has remained the same – one based on beauty, trust, and reliable service.


Even the most beautiful lady applies make-up in the morning, however her pink diamond earrings “awake” looking as fresh and perfect as when they were put in the safe the previous evening. We try to stay as fresh and as sparkling as our merchandise and hope our customers perceive us in a shining light every day.


Working with and around fancy colored diamonds is a privilege - they are like anti-aging formulas. And like these magnificent stones, we aspire to be ageless, contemporary, and forever radiating the hue of a baby pink.


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