June Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite Guide

The whole idea of birthstones takes jewelry collecting to another level altogether. Did you know that the concept of birthstones is indeed an ancient one with a fascinating history? May historians believe that the tradition of birthstones had its origin in antiquity beginning with the 12 tribes of Israel. At the time the customs was to establish a priest’s sacred adornment as part of his holy garments.

Paramount to these accessories was a bejeweled item called the breastplate of Aaron. On this complex adornment were 12 distinct gemstones, each one representing one of the tribes of Israel.

The idea of a specific gemstone to be identified with a group evolved into a specific stone for each month of the year, similar to the 12 gemstones that were arrayed on the breastplate of Aaron.

Viewed altogether, the modern day birthstones are a gorgeous display of lavish stones to match each month of the year. And fortunately, each month has adapted to bearing more than one stone for each month of the year. Now, that’s nice isn’t it? Variety always helps us decide what we really want. Looking for a June birthstone is easy because there are 3 options to choose from.

June birthstones Meaning

Is a June birthstone on your shopping list? No matter what month you were born in, you can always take pride in the fact that you have special gems that were carefully thought out to become your month’s unique birthstone. That’s real personalization isn’t it? But we like to think that those born in the month of June are extra special.

Since jewelry is always a personal matter, you are probably wondering what is the June birthstone color? This is the easy part!

The birthstone options chosen for June babies are gorgeous and quite different from one another. That means—you will never be at a loss to acquire something very personalized and meaningful as a piece of jewelry. Let’s dig a little deeper and discover exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’re new to the search, you may wonder just what are the birthstones for June?

Jewelry collectors frequently shop for jewelry that fits their June birthstone. Although June has three birthstones, the pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite, it is the latter that is mostly recognized as June’s true birthstone. Still many of us expect a pearl birthstone for June babies. So have you ever wondered why June has 3 birthstones?

All Birthstones for June

Fortunately for birthstone jewelry lovers, with 3 different possibilities, the sky’s the limit as far as personalizing a birthstone choice. And who said you can’t adopt more than one—even three of the June birthstone options on one piece of jewelry.

While birthstone rings are always a nice idea, we think using pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite in combination on a pendant would be a lovely and unique way to celebrate a June birthday. The result would be a birthstone pendant like no one else has and make a brilliant story telling piece.

June birthstone collectors were dazzled when Alexandrite became identified as the June birthstone. It’s rarity and alluring color change capability makes this stone unique among the colored gemstone community. When this stone was first discovered, it is said that it was found in the Ural mountains of Russia on Czar Alexander’s birthday—hence the name.

This magnificent stone seemed doomed to extinction when the mines in the remote Russian Ural mountains became depleted of their alexandrite stones. But later on thankfully, places like Brazil began producing Alexandrite and when these various deposits became commercially viable, collectors were thrilled.

Alexandrite birthstone replaced the pearl as birthstone when it was believed that alexandrite was more abundant than pearls. Today that is no longer the case for the June birthstone.  High quality alexandrite is costly, extremely rare, and highly sought after. It’s a birthstone color that’s hard to pass by.

The greenish blue stone is known to change colors in different lighting—from daylight to incandescent light, going from green to red or purple.  Most Alexandrite stones are to 5-carats in weight, with larger stones being extremely hard to come by.  Since this month’s birthstone—the Alexandrite birthstone can be difficult to obtain, consider some of the birthstone options such as pearls or moonstones, or even combining alexandrite with other gems when designing a piece of birthstone jewelry.

For those with birthdays in June, you have three beautiful June birthstones to choose from; pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. Each stone comes in a variety of hues and price points, so those born in June can choose a stone which suits their taste and budget. 

June's BirthstonesAll Birthstones for June

What are the origins of the June birthstones?

Let’s go over all the birthstones for June. Pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite all have individual origins, attributes, and symbolism. With such diverse gemstones for the June birthday folks, everyone can personalize their birthstone jewelry and have exactly what suits them.

Let’s look at the individual options for June birthstones—and take your time. You may want to put some good thought into deciding which stone—or stones—reflect your taste and individuality.

Pearl June's birthstone

Pearls, the original traditional June birthstone, are distinct from other gemstones including their fellow June birthstones.  For starters, pearls are organic gems harvested from deep waters via the humble mollusk. Pearls are harvested from both deep saltwater and freshwater sources.

Pearl birthstone is an intriguing consideration. We think pearls offer some of the most contemporary options for the savvy jewelry collector. While at one time, the word pearl brought to mind a dainty demure strand of pearls that an auntie would wear—now the range of pearl jewelry is widely expanded.

Today you’ll be pleased to know that pearls are produced in such a range of shapes that they have become a very fashion forward organic gemstone used by the major couture design houses. Beside the round pearl, there are mabé—or pearls with a flat back. These are ideal for brooches, bracelets, and earrings besides placement in rings.

There are flat disc-like pearls and best of all, large free form shape pearls that lend themselves to placement in trendy imaginative jewelry.

Found in several colors including white, cream, pink, and black, pearls also come in a range of sizes.

Pearl BirthstonesPearl Birthstones

A pearl is formed when an irritant such as a parasite or a grain of sand makes its way into the flesh of an oyster, clam, or mussel. Then nacre, a protective substance, forms over the irritant. Over time, layers and layers of nacre accumulate and a lustrous pearl is formed. 

Pearls are considered timeless, classic jewels that never go out of style. Every jewelry box should contain at least one piece of pearl jewelry whether it is a simple strand of pearls, pearl studs, or a pearl bracelet.  Tiny orange diamond side stones, make a lovely combination for a traditional pair of pearl earrings.

Versatility of Pearl Birthstones

Pearls are seen on masculine jewelry too! Especially the strong looking South Seas black pearls—those are frequently paired with leather straps to make a powerful men’s bracelet or necklace. The sky’s the limit with pearls—the only limit is one’s imagination when it comes to enjoying this exciting natural gem.

One of the special attributes of pearls is their ancient origins. Look in museum paintings of famous ancient rulers or wealthy aristocrats. Many times they will be painted wearing pearls as a potent symbol of their wealth, power, and refinement. Thos are all traits we’d still like associated with us today. A pearl birthstone conveys these very specific characteristics –all without us ever having to say a word.

And as old as pearls are, they carry with them a timeless allure that never fades. So the pearls you collect today are relevant, stylish and exhibit your fashion sense. Fortunately with the abundance of sophisticated pearl farming techniques today—the varieties of pearls are almost endless. One could actually build an important collection of pearl jewelry but never wear the same thing twice.

The modern use of pearls today by innovative designers means pearl lovers can find anything their heart dreams up to enjoy pearls of every color and shape in stylish settings that make the wearer a bonafide taste-maker.

Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstone birthstone, even its name is dreamy, isn’t it? It conjures up sentiments of wishful thinking and imaginative ‘other worldly’ experiences. We love the moon—and of course we love moonstone. Collectors may be new to this stone, but in reality, moonstone was found centuries ago. We know this because ancient Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder described moonstone’s shimmery appearance in relation to the phases of the moon.

This stone’s hypnotic adularescence—or milky glow with glints of rainbow hues makes the stone seem like moonlight floating on the water, some say.

Unusual Coloration of Moonstone

If you were to take a closer inspection of this mysterious stone by looking through a microscope, you’d discover microscopic layers of feldspar that cause light to scatter across the face of the stone, causing that iconic billowing adularescence we’ve come to love.

Experts say this range of colors of the rainbow found in moonstone impacts its price. Stones with more prominent appearances of blue are seen as more valuable since they are found less often than examples with pink, orange, peach and yellow visible on the stone.

Named for its resemblance to the glow of the moon, moonstone is a type of feldspar which varies in color from translucent, to bluish-white, to a peach tone. Before the moonstone birthstone became associated with June, it was once considered a sacred stone that provided its wearer with a great sense of understanding. Some even believed it could make them invisible.

Moonstones Birthstones

The translucency of a moonstone birthstone makes it an interesting gem to wear against the skin. The lighter moonstones allow light to pass through the stones, and these gems can almost take on the skin tones and blend in with the wearer’s own complexion. This stone could be said to easily become one with its wearer.

Did you know some moonstones exhibit a star or cat’s eye effect? There are so many variations of this stunning gemstone that you are sure to find one that exactly fits you perfectly.

Caring for Moonstone

With a Mohs ranking of 6 on the hardness scale, it tells us to exhibit care in wearing the stone to keep its sheen in perfect condition. If you are an extremely active person, using your hands for work or sports a lot, consider having your moonstone set into earrings or a pendant—where there is little chance in it falling victim to rough usage.

Moonstone has had a long list of fans for as long as the gemstone was around. It does cause one to become mesmerized by its unusual seemingly glowing presence. You are caught up in its allure—its ability to make you look inside the stone to see all the nuanced hues that glisten back to the viewer. Wearing moonstone can be discovered as one of the most versatile gemstones a person will ever own. With so many tones that seem to shine forth from inside the stone—collectors are happy to see that the stone seems to take on the hues of whatever the person is wearing. For male or female, the mysterious moonstone makes a personal statement and is a conversation starter for sure.

These radiant stones are found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States.  Since the stone comes in so many variations, there are endless combinations possible.  If the stone is almost white or translucent, it would pair nicely with pearls, or white diamonds.  The darker toned moonstones would contrast nicely with pearls, white diamonds, and even colored diamonds. Did you ever think your June birthstone could be so alluring?

6.68 carat, Gray, Moonstone, Oval Shape

Alexandrite June's birthstone

Considered as the contemporary June birthstone, alexandrite is produced in an array of shades and makes a stunning piece of jewelry.  Since these stone is so rare, they could be paired with other gems like diamonds, amethysts, or emeralds. Depending on its colors, complementary side stones can be chosen. If it is a birthday present, a pendant necklace displaying an alexandrite stone surrounded by diamonds could be quite desirable.

Alexandrite June's birthstone
Alexandrite June's Birthstone

It took some time for them to understand the color change phenomenon of course. It’s only apparent by carefully studying the stone under different light sources---mainly outdoor daylight and then under incandescent indoor lighting. At the time of its discovery, Russia was using actual candlelight for nighttime indoor illumination!

Contrasted to other popular colored gems, alexandrite is considered a relatively modern jewel. It was discovered serendipitously when miners were working the Russian emerald mines of the remote Ural mountains.

Color Changing Alexandrite

What a shock and delight to discover not only a new gemstone material (it’s chrysoberyl) but one that changes color too. That unexpected thrill brought an exciting new gem to the world of collectors. Even today, its color change properties dazzle the most jaded jewelry lover. But the extraordinary fine quality of Russian alexandrite set the bar quite high for any alexandrite produced elsewhere—something that didn’t happen for years to come.

All collectors want to know the hardness of the gems they love, and alexandrite is no different. This beautiful stone ranks a solid 8.5 on the Mohs scale, making it quite durable and well suited to take a remarkable polish. This stone will look new for years to come, even with regular wearing of it. It’s only slightly less hard than sapphire, but more durable than garnet, another popular gemstones that can change color too.

An alexandrite stone can also be used as the main or secondary stone for an engagement ring. The greater the color change in the alexandrite, the more it is worth. Known as “an emerald by day and a ruby by night”, alexandrite deposits are located in Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, and Burma.

1.12 carat, Purple, Russian Alexandrite, Octagon Shape 1.72 carat, Purple, Russian Alexandrite, Pear Shape1.72 carat, Purple, Russian Alexandrite, Pear Shape 1.24 carat, Red, Russian Alexandrite, Oval Shape1.24 carat, Red, Russian Alexandrite, Oval Shape

What makes Alexandrite rare, and why is it considered the true birthstone for June?

Because the colors and their color change alternate colors may be different when found in different parts of the world, knowledgeable professionals may often be able to identify where exactly the stone was found by its color combination. That is because the geology of where the stones are found often determine what gemstones look like.

Unlike the classic Russian Alexandrite which goes from green to red under different lighting, you’ll soon easily recognize alexandrite from Brazil as its own unique variety. Stones from these South American deposits look teal or deep bluish-green in daylight. But under incandescent lighting the stones shift to a deep rich purple.

Both sources of alexandrite produce exquisite colors and delightful shifts in hues. The more completely the color change is shown, the more valuable the stone. It has become a true birthstone for June with countless fans.

A Sentimental Choice - June Birthstones

Consider all birthstones for June as a possibility. Whether you opt for an alexandrite, as rare and as costly as it may be, or you go with the other June birthstone options, choosing a gift containing the recipient’s birthstone can be a touching tribute. Any June birthstone jewelry item is a gift that will be cherished forever. 

Thinking of buying an important gift for someone special? Thoughtful gift giving includes caring enough to discover the recipient’s birthstone for an extra special gift of love.  You’ll discover a birthstone can be a sentimental gift that becomes more important to the recipient with each passing year.
Oval Alexandrite and Diamond Double Halo Pendant

Or are you contemplating getting a special piece for yourself to commemorate a personal milestone? That’s terrific. But did you know self-purchasing “just because” is equally as worthy. We soon learn in life how quickly the days fly by so it’s up to us to make each day a celebration and acknowledge how fleeting and precious each day really is.

How do you get it right, you’re wondering? There are a few things that come to mind. First of all pay close attention to what they like. They may have said something in conversation about what they really love—or even pointed out a piece of jewelry they admire when out shopping or watching TV. But—you can always ask! That way you are sure that you’re on the right track.

People like to know others are interested in their viewpoints, so why not casually ask if they ever had the chance to get a birthstone—which of the 3, pearl, moonstone, or alexandrite would they most likely wear all the time?

Meaningful June Birthstone Gifts

When you get to the place to consider a special gift—make sure you put some careful thought into it. The more you know the taste and preferences of the recipient (even you!) the more likely you are to buy that gift that will grow in heartfelt value as the years go by. Giving a piece of birthstone jewelry that was carefully thought out allows the recipient to become attached to it right away.

And did you know that you can tell the recipient so much about your genuine heartfelt sentiments when you take your time to carefully select not only something you’ve learned they will appreciate but when it’s their birthstone too—you’ve given a gift that will be cherished for their entire life.

So much sentiment without ever saying a word. Yes, knowing what the recipient appreciates, especially when it’s a piece of jewelry that he or she would never treat themselves with will warm their heart forever.

All jewelry whether a self-purchase or given as a gift has an element of meaning to it, birthstone jewelry will always be considered some of the most personalized and meaningful items that one can have. You may not have many friends who share your birth month with you, so you’ll be eager to share with them the details of your own birthstone.

However, any June birthstone selected needs to be suitable for its recipient. Pairing it with an appropriate jewel can capture the gift giver’s sentiment and be cherished at the same time.


Are there any other birthstones for June besides Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite?

No, these 3 lovely June birthstones are the only choices used for June birthstones today.

Where are the primary sources for Moonstone and Alexandrite gemstones?

Both of these lovely gemstones, moonstone birthstones, and alexandrite birthstones come from exotic parts of the world. For instance, moonstone is found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States. Alexandrite is mined in Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, and Burma.

Why is Alexandrite considered the primary June birthstone?

Alexandrite was selected to be the June birthstone years ago when jewelers originally thought that pearls were more scarce and harder to find. With the development of pearl cultivation, quite the opposite is true now. Pearls in all their colors, shapes, and varieties are abundant.

What factors should I consider when choosing a June birthstone for jewelry?

Since there are 3 completely different types of gems for true June birthstones, it really comes down to the preference of the wearer. You might take a look to see what they are already drawn to for suggestions. Have they ever mentioned their love for pearls or moonstone, or alexandrite before? Whatever they are drawn to will be the stone they will wear time and again.

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