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Beyond Custom Design - Design Your Own Jewelry

Every natural diamond or gemstone is a unique, one-off precious stone; however to truly highlight its brilliance it needs the optimal setting – a design that melds your tastes with the inherent, natural characteristics of the stone.

Design Your Own

Design your own jewelry

The ring setting should embellish the diamond yet be in keeping with your tastes and individuality. For something totally individualistic you can indulge in designing your own fancy color diamond ring. This process will enable you to really feel part of the jewelry and ensure that the ring really is exactly what you dreamed of.

Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Double Halo Ring (1.56Ct TW)Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Double Halo Ring (1.56Ct TW)

Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Double Halo Ring (1.56Ct TW)

Understanding Custom Design

The key is to create a one-off, personalized piece of jewelry. In fact, it is beyond custom design as it involves the confluence of ideas initiated by the customer and the feedback from the professional jewelry designer who works hand in hand with the customer to fulfill the client’s dream or desire. From the designer’s perspective, it involves learning the ideas people have in order to create the jewelry piece they want.

 Fancy Deep Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring, SKU 113670 (3.75Ct TW) Fancy Deep Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring, SKU 113670 (3.75Ct TW) Video Fancy Deep Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring (3.75Ct TW)

Fancy Deep Yellow Asscher Cut Diamond Ring, SKU 113670 (3.75Ct TW)

Working within a Budget

Often people have certain ideas in mind that they want to create. Only, finding a readymade piece of jewelry from a catalog that entails all of their ideas might be difficult and is sometimes not as unique. The reason is that when working from within the 'Design Your Own,' you can step back and understand what you are really looking for and choose not to include what isn’t important. Working together with the company enables you to define what you want and what you need.

The goal is coming up with a design that answers the needs of the customer. However, allowance must be made to tweak the jewelry where required in order to remain within the budget provided, but still create the perfect design.

Fancy Light Yellow Oval Diamond Wedding Ring Set (4.99Ct TW)

Fancy Light Yellow Oval Diamond Wedding Ring Set (4.99Ct TW)


Custom design is all about pushing the bounds of creativity. Furthermore, since there are no physical bounds, the challenge is coming up with something that never existed; something that is either new to the company catalog or new to the world. It gives the client the opportunity to express their own distinctiveness.

Tanzanite Cushion & Marquise Diamond Ring (3.37Ct TW) 

Working Together

When a piece is ordered through the Design Your Own Ring feature of the LEIBISH website, it opens the doors to meeting the challenge of bringing an idea to fruition. It isn't an idea that emanates from the company; rather, it is a step-by-step process where we can learn the elements the client requires for their dream piece and help synergize the idea to create the perfect ring. Needless to say, the company provides direction to help assist their clients, but in the end the direction comes from ones passions and desires.

A True Story

Here’s a real-life example that illustrates just how unique and personal the outcome of the Design Your Own option really is:

In her search for a real show stopper of a ring, one of our customers had frequented numerous local jewelers. She knew exactly the style of ring she was after and the type of yellow (canary) diamond that would feature as its center stone. Budget was less of an issue, however retailer apathy certainly was.

Her lack of bricks and mortar success led her to the Internet where she stumbled upon the LEIBISH website. After doing her research and overcoming her initial fear of completing such a large transaction online, she contacted us for further reassurance and to design the ring of her dreams.

Our salesperson assisted her in selecting the diamonds and design. His expertise of the process was obvious and his service oriented approach was an enormous change to what she had previously encountered. The salesperson sent her progress reports during the manufacture of the ring and soon after she received her ring.

3.35 Carat, Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring3.35 Carat, Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring3.35 Carat, Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

3.35 Carat, Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

In the words of the client:

“WOW, the ring is absolutely amazing and it is more beautiful than I could have imagined. My husband was speechless when he saw the ring and is thrilled that it met my meticulous expectations.”

Popular Colors

Our experience at LEIBISH has seen very strong demand for yellow and pink diamonds. Champagne diamonds are starting to gain great appeal with green and chameleon diamonds also popular choices. However, this is your ring and your vision, and every selection from the fancy color diamond kaleidoscope of colors can be accommodated.

 Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring, SKU 298901 (2.86Ct TW)

The Final Word

Creating your own diamond ring is a great experience for those lucky enough to embark on the adventure. Although starting with a blank page can be a daunting prospect; with a little imagination, perseverance, and assistance from a professional jewelry designer, the experience can be exhilarating.

Make sure to educate yourself before starting the process and remember that the only limiting factors are your budget and your imagination.

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