Must-See Celebrity Ruby Jewelry

Celebrity gossip can be important to some for the sensational clothing, shoes, and jewelry that celebs make a habit of wearing, particularly on the red carpet. It is there that we see some of the most memorable pieces of jewelry, including unique and extraordinary gemstones. Perhaps the red carpet itself is an influential factor, or the stars see themselves as some version of royalty, but regardless of why, the very regal gemstone, Ruby, is seen quite often upon our beloved celebrities.

Natalie Portman’s Beaded Ruby Tassel Earrings

This beauty, and extremely talented actress, does not need an extra reason to be in the spotlight and yet somehow her choice of earrings at the 2011 Academy Awards managed to do just that. Portman’s raspberry-colored ruby tassel earrings by Tiffany & Co. lit up her already vibrant Rodarte off-the-shoulder silk chiffon deep purple gown 


Naomi Watts’s Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Naomi Watt’s ruby and diamond earrings were especially fabulous and suitable for the actress, as they complemented both her hair color and skin tone as well as her crimson-colored gown. The earrings, which include diamonds, rubies, and lavender jade, combined old-fashioned glamour with retro style thanks to the large stones and intricate design. This pair of earrings is a perfect example of Lorraine Schwartz’s genius creations.

Emily Blunt’s Ruby Earrings

The only thing better than ruby and diamond earrings is ruby, diamond, and pink sapphire earrings, such as the Lorraine Schwartz earrings worn by Emily Blunt to the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. The earrings were pure showstoppers, thanks to Emily’s simple makeup and up do. The rare stones were taken a step further with the unique design of the studs.

Penelope Cruz’s Ruby and Diamond Crescent Earrings

Though Penelope’s stunning ruby earring consisted of the traditional ruby-diamond mix, the earrings’ design was from traditional. The red and white stones carefully adorned beautiful crescent-shaped earrings.



Scarlett Johansson’s Statement Ruby Cocktail Ring

Leave it to Ms. Johansson to wear one of the most unique celebrity ruby jewelry pieces of all times. The cocktail ring consisted of diamonds, rubies, and peridot stones. The Anna Hu piece matched her red stud cabochon earrings and burgundy gown perfectly. 


Taylor Swift’s Sophisticated Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings

Taylor Swift looked way beyond her years, in a good way; wearing a pair of Lorraine Schwartz diamond and ruby drop earrings to the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. The jewels went especially well with Taylor’s sultry choice of lipstick.

Rubies are incredibly romantic, elegant, and royal-looking stones. Celebrities are most certainly picking up on this fact and adding the incredible stone to their red carpet wardrobes. The rich gemstone never disappoints and suits every wearer in a unique and individual manner.

Which piece of jewelry was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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