The $55 Million Hallucination Watch

Watches are items that double as both timepieces and jewelry items, with a select few representing ultimate luxury pieces. However, even among the luxury class, watches can be found in a wide range of prices, from simplistic metal watches with basic mechanisms to top of the line, custom-made watches made from luxurious materials. A watch at this end of the spectrum can set you back a few hundred thousand dollars if not more. As far-fetched as that may be for most people, it is still a far cry from the $55 million Hallucination Watch recently revealed at Baselworld 2014. This creation was unveiled by Graff Diamonds, and succeeded in enthralling the crowd with its use of natural fancy color diamonds.

Over 110 Carats of Rare Color Diamonds

As mentioned earlier, precise craftsmanship as well as quality materials such as gold, platinum, and diamonds, contribute to the exorbitant prices of luxury watches. The color diamonds used takes this watch to a whole new level, since color diamonds are far rarer than colorless stones and much more valuable. A watch consisting of 110 carats of colorless diamonds is already considered an extremely lavish piece. Once you add the factor of pink diamonds, blue diamonds, green, yellow, and more, you have got yourself an unheard of, one-of-a-kind piece, thus justifying the hefty price tag of $55 million.

The Hallucination Watch: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

The Hallucination Watch is most definitely an extraordinary watch and jewelry piece, and not just because of its steep price. The talented Laurence Graff had a vision when had had this watch designed: it needed to be more than just a watch comprised of many color diamonds – it needed to be a masterpiece. The combination of rare color diamonds and an exquisite pattern results in a phenomenal kaleidoscope of colors dancing before one’s eyes, thus earning the watch its title: the Hallucination Watch. One definitely gets the feeling of hallucinating when viewing this magnificent design because there is so much beauty to absorb at once it is almost impossible!

Rainbow of Colors

Many color diamonds were used to create the watch including yellows, pinks, and blues over three carats, collected over a period of two-years. The dial consists of pink and colorless diamonds and the delicate hands are blue. These colors truly contribute to making this piece the tribute to color diamonds that it was intended to be.

As the Hallucination takes the place as the most expensive watch in the world, the exposure of natural fancy color diamonds continues to increase. It is exciting to consider what the future holds for these luxurious pieces.

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