The Art of Collecting

Jewelry enthusiasts collect for many reasons---simply looking at a stunning work crafted in precious metals and stones can transport a gemstone fan into another realm. We may not be able to put into words why a certain design or jewel captivates us. But it does.

The Designer’s Vision

Have you given much thought to the designer’s process when admiring original diamond and colored stone jewelry? For the jewelry artist, perhaps a unique design suddenly unfolds in their fertile imagination. Creative craftspeople long to share their vision with collectors—and help them see the stones as they do.

But here’s another reality to consider. When an imaginative designer envisions a one-of-a-kind piece, they know that when a collector acquires it, they are not only embracing the creative mind of a designer—but they will continue telling their own story each time it’s worn.

Collectors Have Vision Too

Collectors wear their special pieces on many occasions.  And in doing so –they can recall where they were when they wore it. Each time they choose to wear their special piece they add another layer of interest to the history of the piece. This is the art of collecting.

We invite you to take a moment and simply enjoy the fascinating new collections our designers have created especially for our discerning clients. These are no ordinary pieces—but then again our customers are no ordinary shoppers.

Café Collection

Savor the delicious shades of champagne, coffee, and brown that are found in our Café Collection. So much thought has gone into the selection of each handpicked fancy color diamond. Notice how each one matches and complements the other. This was no easy feat. 

But taking time to gather each perfectly matched brown diamond guarantees a beautiful tale best told in accompanying icy white diamonds, and champagne diamonds for their festive appeal. These luscious brunette jewels will have afficiandos saying, more please! 


The Legacy Collection embodies a confident geometric design in a nod to the iconic LEIBISH logo—with 3 Ls representing the past, present and future. But on the wearer another chic story unfolds. The sleek fashion-forward motif infuses grace to its wearer as it becomes the perfect shimmering note to complete her look.

One glance inspires this collection to be the signature piece of its collector.


This artful grouping of fresh and verdant jewels mirrors the spirit of hope that women possess. Celebrating the strength women exhibit every day makes this group the perfect collectible. Our whimsical zigzag motif conveys the true essence of women ---dancing with beauty, while possessing imagination to make a success of every day.

Refine the Art of Collecting by collecting what resonates with you. With so many creative collections to consider, you’ll have found one or more that are calling your name. The designers brought their creativity to life for you. Now it’s your turn to add your own touch these artful creations.

Our designers are always working to bring you exciting collections to love. Visit us often and be the first to discover more collections coming soon. •

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