$10 Million Fancy Yellow Diamond Birks’ Toronto Exhibit

Yellow diamonds account for some of the world’s most beautiful colored diamonds.  Also known as canary diamonds, the yellow stones have become favorites among celebritiesand royalty for some time now.  Although the yellow gems are more common than other colored diamonds such as pink and red diamonds, it is rare to have an exhibit of so many yellow diamond jewelry pieces such as the one that will be on display at the Birks jewelry store on Bloor Street, Toronto, from May 2nd to May 6th. 

The collection will include over 60 yellow diamond pieces!

For five days spectators will be able to get a look at breathtaking yellow diamonds, including a very rare 15-carat internally flawless fancy intense yellow diamond. Set on a stunning platinum ring with a trapezoid placed on each side, the diamond stands out due to its distinguished radiant-cut and superb color. 

The Toronto exhibit is the perfect opportunity for any diamond collector or enthusiast to take in the beauty of so many beautiful colored diamonds showcased all at once. In fact, this exhibit will be the largest of its kind in the Birks luxury jewelry store chain’s 133-year history.

Jean-Christophe Bedos, president and CEO of Birks & Mayors Inc. stated that “Yellow diamonds are some of the world’s most beautiful fancy color diamonds and have been the choice of royals luxury jewelry, Birks is part of the Montreal-based retailer, Birks & Mayors.  The chain has 58 stores throughout Canada and the United States. A total of 31 stores operate in Canada under the name Birks whereas 24 stores go by the name Mayors in Florida and Georgia.  An additional two stores, located in Calgary and Vancouver, are known by the Brinkhaus brand and the Orlando location is under the Rolex brand.

Birks is no stranger to rare and gorgeous diamonds.  Just this past April Birks displayed a 10-carat fancy light purplish-pink diamond at its Edmonton location. 

More and more individuals are being drawn to yellow diamonds along with other colored diamonds.  These rare gems make a meaningful gift, piece of jewelry, and a wise investment. 

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