3 Hints to Get the Christmas Gift You’ve Always Dreamed of

Although we are still full from turkey and pumpkin pie, we can all see those glittering lights of the holiday season just around the corner. That means we not only have to start making our shopping lists and begin gift shopping, but we also need to start dropping hints regarding the presents we truly want to receive!

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than receiving a gift from the one’s we love most. But, how much better are those Christmas gifts when it is something you have been dreaming of forever!! Therefore, in order to get something that suits you best, you must start leaving hints extra early this month, and in both subtle and creative ways.


Go Window Shopping Together

On your next excursion to the mall, shopping center, or jewelry store, make a point of browsing the window displays containing your desired items. For instance, if you have your heart set on yellow diamond studs, spend some time ogling various earrings being showcased while your significant other checks out watches, gadgets, or whatnot. You can take the opportunity to note what he or she is looking at so that you can have more of an idea of what gift to get them as well.

Post It, Pin It, Tweet It

Technology these days can help us out in more ways than we know. Who is not on at least one social networking platform and spends at least a few minutes a day skimming over the feeds? Take advantage of this wonderful tool to drop a clear yet inconspicuous hint. You can post a link to an item you like on Facebook, pin a picture of your dream gift on Pinterest, or even tweet an article mentioning your ideal present. The trick is to do it casually, possibly connecting it to another topic, and to space your hints so that your feed is not filled with potential gift ideas.

Hints in Day-to-Day Life

Providing hints to those who may be purchasing gifts for you this holiday season can be done simply by leaving clues in daily life. For example, you can leave magazines open to a page displaying what you had in mind, or even rip out a page and hang it on the fridge. That gemstone ring can become your wallpaper on your phone and you can casually mention how you are in desperate need of a beautiful pendant because your other one is scratched, broken, lost etc.

Whether you choose to like and share pictures of desired jewelry, bags, or shoes on Instagram and Facebook, or you keep on returning to that same jewelry display, you will get your message across. Hopefully, this holiday season will result in many smiles, and not just because you are surrounded with friends and family. At the very least, you will receive something similar to what you have been dying for, and even that is something that should never be taken for granted. Happy Holidays!

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