500 Points Up, 500 Points Down - Diamonds Are Forever

What is a AAA? What is the difference between AAA and AA+? What or who is Standard & Poor's? What do you do with your money? How can you preserve wealth for the next generation?
The total destruction of value keeps millions of people with billions of dollars in assets stranded without any solid hint for direction.
Here's where investing in colored diamonds comes into play. If you have ample liquidity, I strongly advise you to build a portfolio with part of your available cash with fancy color diamonds. Over the past 10 years, we have seen a consistent increase in value of fancy colored diamonds. Even during difficult financial times, when it seemed that everything was falling, fancy colored diamonds managed to remain a sound investment.

 Argyle pink diamonds

Argyle pink diamond under X10 magnification loupe

Don't get me wrong - investing in fancy color diamonds is not for everyone.
And unlike Ben Bernanke or Tim Geithner, I tell it to you straight - diamonds are not as easy to liquidate as gold. However, they weigh a lot less and you don't need to disclose it when storing it at the bank. You can put it on a ring and your wife or girlfriend can wear it - to the supermarket or across borders. You enjoy it every single day. And they never wear out or lose their freshness.

So I ask myself, why don't we just continue to buy 3-10ct Fancy and Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds IF and VVS and see what happens? We can put them in our central vault at the diamond bourse and take them out in a few years.
In my opinion, yellow diamonds are currently undervalued.
Here are some numbers to illustrate my point:
Let's compare a 5ct IF that retails today for USD 1. Million: You can buy a lovely 5ct Intense Yellow IF for less than USD130, 000 as part of a ring, or a 5 ct Fancy Yellow IF for USD75,000. Furthermore, A 3ct D IF sells today for USD650,000, but a 3ct vivid yellow IF with a great color sells for less than USD120,000. And you can buy a lovely 3ct Fancy Yellow IF for USD11, 000 per carat - a truly great value!

Fancy Intense Yellow diamond

Yellow diamonds

In that vein, if you purchase a jewelry from LEIBISH , we are proud to offer insurance on your purchase. You pay just 1.8% of the purchase price and your stone/jewelry is fully covered against loss, theft, and damages. This allows you to enjoy your diamond purchase immediately!*

When purchasing Fancy Colored Diamonds, you should feel confident with the knowledge that Fancy color diamonds and gold will power ahead in both sales and in prices as more and more people awake to the economic realities facing them. The 500 point drop in the Dow Jones will not do any harm to our industry.
The downgrade of the US Treasury will not downgrade diamonds. Treasuries are manufactured with a few clicks of a keyboard, diamonds are created following thousands of years of work from Mother Nature and countless more years finding, mining, and polishing them.

  Argyle Pink diamonds

 Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine

Diamonds will shine as an eternal commodity with no shelf life and everlasting value.
*The insurance is currently available for clients in the USA and Australia

 For assistnace in assambling together a portfolio of Fancy Color Diamonds please contact us at: info@leibish.com or call:

International: 972-3-613-2122

USA toll free: +1- 855-LEIBISH (1-855-534-2474)


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