Affordable Colored Diamonds

Many people are not familiar with luxurious colored diamonds, and those that are may be misinformed regarding their prices. Though some of these beauties can come with quite heavy price tags, many colored diamonds are actually more affordable than one would think. Certain color combinations, though not too different in appearance from extremely pricey colored diamonds, can be rather affordable. Before you give up on ever owning a colored diamond, check out the range of inexpensive colored diamonds that will surprise you with their colors, shine, and, above all, prices. Here are some examples of more affordable as well as sensational colored diamonds.


Color Combinations


Most fancy color diamonds are found with both a dominant color and an overtone color. Single or pure colored diamonds are more expensive than stones which contain a combination of two or even three colors. The reason is because a secondary hue within the formation of the stone translates to how rare the stone is, and therefore affects the overall value. However, since beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, color combinations won’t necessarily subtract from the beauty the diamond displays.


For example, colored diamonds with a dominant brown color but a high pink presence as well, are known as pink brown diamonds. These diamonds look a lot like brown pink diamonds, which have a stronger pink presence. In this case, the price for the pink brown diamond is much lower than the latter since the dominant color is brown, a less expensive and more commonly found diamond.


 Pink Brown Diamonds

A Variety of Pink Brown Diamonds


Yellow Diamonds


In general, yellow diamonds are some of the more affordable types of colored diamonds, especially when compared to pink, green, or blue diamonds. Nevertheless there are also some large stones with high color intensity that cost quite a bundle. On the other hand, smaller diamonds with low color intensity are quite affordable; even more affordable than colorless diamonds at times!


Of the entire fancy color diamond family, Canary Yellow Diamonds have dominated the market demands and are now being sold by almost every major diamond dealer internationally, since they are such hot items.

 Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

LEIBISH Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings


Champagne Diamonds


Champagne diamonds can also be low on the colored diamond price chart, though it is relative to the color intensity and the size of the diamond, along with other factors. Since Champagne diamonds, Brown diamonds, Brown Diamonds, or Cognac Diamonds as they are also known, are more abundant than many other colored diamonds, they come with a more appealing price tag. Additionally, since they have been seen worn by so many celebrities, Champagne diamonds have grown quite popular with today's fashion.

Brown Colored Diamond Jewelry 

An fantastic assortment of Champagne colored diamond jewelry


Colored diamonds are terrific alternatives to colorless diamonds, and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. They can be soft and subtle or loud and dominant. Either way, colored diamonds come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and prices. Individuals should not be intimated by Nature’s beautiful creations, but rather, should learn more about them so they can discover how fabulous, and affordable they can be.


Contributor: Benji Margolese

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