Hear Me Now: Communication Works Better with Diamond Encrusted Cell Phones

A chic gadget encrusted with fancy diamonds is not only the perfect gift, but the perfect combination of technology and natural beauty. One of the gadgets dominating this fashion-meets-technology trend is the cellular phone. Many of today's leading manufacturers are marketing some astonishing pieces, combining fancy diamonds within specially designed cellular phones, giving them a special 'million dollar' look.

David Morris International of London was one of the first designers to sell diamond-encrusted cell phones. Sold for $104,050 back in 1996, they were made entirely of 18-carat gold with a keypad encrusted with pink and white diamonds. Speaking of which, David Morris International was also the company that supplied all the jewelry worn in the 1971 James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever."

But times have changed, and prices too. The Austrian celebrity jeweler Peter Aloisson introduced a 1-million-dollar blue diamond encrusted phone, one of the world's most expensive pieces. The phone was commissioned as a special order by Siemens and was used for marketing purposes. Aloisson was also recently involved in the launch of the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, together with Russian company JSC Ancort. The smartphone is covered with gold and diamonds, while the Ancort logo and navigation keys are made of 18-carat rose gold. As if this wasn't enough, 28 round cut blue diamonds are embedded in the navigation keys. This item features a cover adorned with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are rare blue types. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is today's most expensive cell phone in the world, reaching US $1.3 million.

Another famous encrusted cell phone is the "Cobra," a co-production of French jewelers Boucheron and Vertu, the pioneer and manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. The "Cobra" is encrusted with one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies, reaching a value of $310,000.

The popularity of diamond encrusted cellular phones affected the phone accessories category as well. A recent example is an item made by Japanese designer Diaddict, who launched a one-of-a-kind diamond-studded cell phone strap. This luxurious mobile phone accessory features a 6.02-carat yellow diamond, as well as 2.1-carats in clear, white diamonds, a 0.61-carat blue diamond and a 0.36-carat pink diamond. Although this is a one of a kind item, it's quite certain that diamond encrusted cell phone accessories will further appear on our radars in the near and far future.

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