Color Change Sapphire Gemstone Compared to Alexandrite Stones

Anyone who thought a sapphire was simply a blue gemstone could not be more wrong. While stunning blue sapphires certainly do exist and are quite popular, many other colors and forms of sapphires do as well. For instance, there are yellow sapphires, white sapphires, purple sapphires, star sapphires, and there are even color change sapphires. This last type of sapphire is comparable to a chameleon diamond, which is a natural color diamond that changes colors, hence the name. This variety displays various colors in different lighting. From blue to purple, green to gray-green, and pink to reddish-violet, these stones are rare and hard to come by thus making them valuable and prestigious.

LEIBISH Royal Blue Sapphire and White diamonds Extraordinary Double Halo Ring


Color Change Sapphire Sources

Sapphires are found all around the globe including Eastern Australia, China, Madagascar, and Montana in the United States. Color change sapphires in particular can be discovered in Thailand and Tanzania. Other types of sapphires can be found in Thailand as well.

Color Change Sapphire Vs. Alexandrite

The color changes that can be seen in these rare sapphires are similar to color combinations that we see in some other gemstones, like alexandrite. In fact, when talking about synthetic color change sapphires, the color change is remarkably similar to that of natural alexandrite, so much so that these synthetic versions are sometimes marketed with the name ‘alexandrium’ and ‘synthetic alexandrite.’ Although these nicknames might seem harmless, they are quite misleading. Synthetic color change sapphires may look like alexandrite stones, but in terms of their structure, they are nothing alike. That’s because alexandrite is a variety of the chrysoberyl mineral and is not a sapphire, which is a completely different mineral. Therefore, this sapphire replica is more like an alexandrite simulant.

LEIBISH Oval Alexandrite and Diamond Double Halo Pendant

Each and every type of sapphire is special in its own way but if you are after something truly different, a color change sapphire might be just the thing. Star sapphires are another variety that is extremely unique. These stones display a star-like shape that is breathtaking. Regardless of whichever sapphire speaks to you the most, it is imperative to do the necessary research prior to making a purchase and asking all the right questions beforehand.

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