Diamond Cake Fit for a King - Most Expensive Cake

It is no secret that diamonds are among the most sought after items on the planet and are used in a wide range of industries as an instant upgrade. It might slightly surprise one to hear that one incredibly unique cake designer decided to embellish the cake with diamonds, but what is even more surprising was the stones on this cake had a value of $75 million!

A whopping $45 million is due to 17 rather large color and colorless diamonds. All in all the cake includes 4,000 gemstones, 60 kilograms of modeling brown, 120 kilograms of fondant icing, and 80 airbrush colors.

Former British designer and current celebrity baker Debbie Wingham is responsible for this flamboyant masterpiece, which was commissioned by a very wealthy Arab family. Wingham's name is already quite known especially after her design of a one of the world's most expensive wedding gowns: a $17.7 million creation.

World's Most Expensive Cake

The 6-foot, 450-kilogram cake was made in honor of an Arab family's daughter's birthday and impending engagement. Created to resemble a runway scene, the cake took 1,100 hours to complete due to the countless handcrafted pieces. The edible models on the catwalk display various clothing designs, including several of Wingham's previous designs, and designs for the birthday girl/bride. In addition to the cake's enormous size and intricate details, the cake's exorbitant cost lies in the precious gems that adorn the cake, including a 6.4 carat yellow diamond, a 5.2 carat pink diamond, and 15 5.00 carat colorless diamonds. Those 17 stones alone amount to $45 million.

Gems Galore

As the most expensive cake in the world, this cake showcases rare and valuable diamonds. In addition, the runway is embellished with 400 1-carat colorless diamonds, 73 3-carat colorless diamonds, and 75 3-carat black diamonds. Altogether the cake sports 4,000 glittering diamonds, amethysts, and emeralds.

Tasty to Boot

With all the glitz and glamour surrounding this confectionery concoction one might think it's all just show. Interestingly enough though, the cake is not only a work of art and a display of mesmerizing jewels, but it is also a culinary masterpiece. Consisting of several mouth-watering flavors, such as Belgian brown, Madagascar vanilla bean, and brown truffle cream, the cake did not disappoint. Wingham enjoys unusual cake requests such as this one and looks forward to what the future has in store for her.

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