Diamond iPhone 4S

Apple and iPhone fans worldwide eagerly anticipated the release of the latest edition of the most popular smartphone a few months back. Although many might have been disappointed with the lack of new hardware and the minimal software updates, there is still something the iPhone 4S has to offer and it isn't Siri.

Jewelry and luxurious object companies have been introducing remarkable personalized and custom iPhones displaying diamonds, gold, and platinum since the very early generations of iPhones. However, with every iPhone model that is introduced, the upgrades keep on getting increasingly elaborate. The jeweled versions of the iPhone 4S might just outshine them all.

Stuart Hughes, known for his extravagant designer iPhones, has done it yet again with his iPhone 4S Diamond and Platinum Edition masterpiece. The magical device, which showcases 7.8-carats of VVS1 diamonds along the sides of the phone, also displays a platinum back with a diamond and platinum Apple logo. The 0.53 carats of diamonds that adorn the logo add to the beauty and uniqueness of the item. This rare device has an asking price of $33, 348.

Stuart Hughes 4S Elite Gold The World's Most Expensive Phone, most definitely lives up to its prestigious title. The construction price totals a whopping $6 million.  Made with a solid 24K gold backing and a 24K gold Apple logo studded with 53 diamonds, the phone also has a 7.4-carat rare flawless pink diamond, which can replace the 8.6-carat single cut diamond set in the gold home button.  If that weren't enough, the iPhone 4S Elite Gold comes in a stunning solid platinum chest. The chest has polished pieces of original T-REX dinosaur bone combined with the platinum and is adorned with rare stones such as Opal, Charoite, Pitersite, Rutile Quartz, and Star Sunstone.

The Royal iPhone 4S 64GB Platinum with Diamond and Sapphire by Goldgenie boasts a solid platinum back with a diamond and sapphire Apple logo. There are 8.5 carats of VS1 diamonds and sapphires that decorate the logo, and the sides of the handheld device are encrusted with diamonds. The Royal iPhone 4S is valuable, beautiful, and perfect for any collector. The phone retails for approximately $36,612.

Most of us can only dream of owning such a decked out iPhone 4S. But one must admit, if money were not an issue, these devices would be hard to resist. A detail that would only enhance the already phenomenal jeweled iPhone 4S phones would perhaps be to incorporate additional colored diamonds such as yellow, brown, or black diamonds into the design.

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