The Most Expensive Teeth

Kanye West is not only infamous for his MTV VMA interruption during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, but for his gold and diamond bottom teeth as well.  The rapper claims the diamond teeth have replaced his original teeth.  Some claim he had them knocked out in a crash, others say he had them pulled. Dental experts speculate and claim it is much more likely he had his teeth trimmed down and then covered in gold and diamonds.  Either way, it is quite the excessive upgrade. Diamonds appearing on teeth seems to be the new craze, but it is usually done very subtly; one small stone on a single tooth, or through the use of a grill.  However, Kanye’s row of diamond teeth takes the trend to a whole new level.

The unveiling of these sparkling teeth took place on the Ellen DeGeneres Show back in October 2010. Ellen could hardly believe the sight of the sparkling dentures, let alone the pains the rapper claimed to have gone through to get them. She was shocked when the singer told her they were his actual teeth and not a grill. West’s teeth may be outlandish, but there are plenty of individuals embracing the diamond tooth look.

While most of what appears to be diamond teeth are actually grills, such as those made famous by the rapper Nelly’s song “Grillz” in 2005, some take to putting stones on their real teeth. Sometimes the stones used are real diamonds, and other times they are semi-precious or synthetic ones. Teeth decorations can appear as a single stone as well as several stones set in the form of a pattern. Colored diamonds can be used on teeth as well as on grills.

Although Kanye West’s new look has definitely caused a stir, there are medical professionals who claim that the jeweled teeth are detrimental to one’s oral health. Between the foreign materials used as well as the weight of the diamonds, serious damage can be caused to West’s teeth over the next few years.  Additionally, many foods such as peanut brittle along with many others will not be able to be consumed with these teeth. At the same time, some dental surgeons say gold is a safe material to use in one’s mouth and that such implants are not so different from regular ones in terms of the surgery.

The dental choices made by rapper Kanye West are on the extreme side, but with that said, diamonds are still seen everywhere, even on one’s teeth.  Whether in the form of a grill or small stones, individuals all over the world are taking to this new form of body jewelry.  Everyone wants a sparkling smile; here’s one way of achieving it.

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