Diamonds for Dogs

Who said diamonds are just for humans? Pet lovers have been known to spoil their furry friends, and now they can really show their affection with the help of some “blingy” pet jewelry.  Pets are already seen wearing special dog clothes, sometimes even designer clothing, as well as dog hats, shoes, and other accessories.  Dog accessories can be simple and affordable to extravagant and expensive. Some dog owners carry their dogs around in designer dog carriers worth thousands of dollars.  So why stop there? Why not adorn your pet with the most luxurious pet jewelry? Here is a look at some of the most expensive and lavish diamond jewelry for dogs.

Since collars are mandatory for pet dogs to wear, it makes perfect sense to transform the practical and helpful item into a gem-studded masterpiece, providing your dog with the ultimate piece of jewelry.  Dog collars are generally constructed from some type of leather, as that is what is most comfortable for them to have on their necks.  However, why stop at a leather collar when you can go for a diamond one? Dog collars can be found in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, with diamonds dispersed throughout.

While some of the “simpler” diamond collars can cost approximately $3,000, nothing compares to the line of exquisite dog collars that “I Love Dogs Diamonds” carries.  In fact, their “Amour, Amour” collar is the world’s most expensive dog collar.  Priced at $3,200,000, this collar features 52 carats worth of diamonds. A total of 1,600 hand set diamonds adorn the majestic collar. The centerpiece is a 7-carat D-IF brilliant-shaped diamond and the chandelier-style base is constructed from crocodile leather and 18kt white gold.

Though no other collar comes close to the luxury of the “Amour, Amour” there are other phenomenal dog collars that are enough to make your eyes pop out. The “Amour de la Mer,” the “L ’Etoile,” and the “La’ Cherie,” are just some of “I Love Dogs Diamonds’” additional stunning jeweled collars for dogs. 

The former is a diamond and sapphire collar with an ostrich leather band, which is designed to provide a lifetime of flexibility and durability.  The collar showcases an 8.5-carat blue sapphire pendant. In addition, there are over 600 hand set diamonds studded around the remainder of the collar.

The “L’Etoile” costs a modest $518,000 and boasts five brilliant-shaped diamonds. Each of the five diamonds is more than 1.5 carats. Aside from the main stones set upon the ostrich leather, there are another 400 hand set diamonds, making the entire collar come to a total of 27 carats.

The latter collar, the “La’ Cherie,” is worth $498,000. A 2.7-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant is the centerfold for this miraculous collar.  630 hand set diamonds and five brilliant-shaped diamonds of over 1-carat each adorn the piece. 25 carats of precious stones embellish this dog collar, suitable for royalty.

Beautifying your dog with diamonds might be a bit much for some, but for others it is no different than presenting any loved one with a gorgeous piece of diamond jewelry.  If you have the budget, and you want your dog dressed like a king, or queen, then cover them in jewels and show them off to the world.

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