Different Colors for Different Folks

The saying “to each his/her own” is extremely fitting for many aspects of life but is especially true when it comes to selecting gemstone colors. Colors can truly reflect one’s mood or personality thereby making one gemstone a perfect match for one person and a complete mismatch for another. While some stones are more neutral by nature and can blend in with one’s appearance or demeanor more easily, others are rather loud and are only suitable for certain types of people. Here is a look at some of the most popular colored gemstones including yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, brown diamonds, black diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, and what kind of person would be the best match for them.

Yellow Diamonds

Among the many different colors of color diamonds, yellow diamonds are some of the most affordable and sought after. Their relative abundance and affordability certainly contribute to the yellow diamond’s popularity, but even more so is its undeniable joyful beauty that it brings to its wearer. Although color diamonds, in general, may not be for everyone, yellow diamonds, in particular, can be somewhat subtle or rather out there, depending on the color intensity level, and can blend in marvelously with a range of skin tones, body types, and even personalities. A quiet person may select a light yellow stone in a soft setting while another individual with a bolder disposition could opt for a canary yellow diamond in a lavish setting.

Leibish Yellow Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

One of the colors that is considered almost globally as a very feminine color is pink, which may be why pink diamonds are so popular. They are also quite rare, which instantly makes them unique and even more attractive. Some may steer clear of this beautiful color stone because it strikes them has too feminine or “girly,” and at the same time, others may flock to it for this very reason. What’s interesting though is that the character of the stone can almost change when paired with a stone of another color. A halo of colorless diamonds surrounding a pink diamond, or even a pink diamond paired with another colored stone such as a yellow diamond or an emerald, can result in a completely different look suitable for an entirely different kind of person. The colorless diamonds soften the impact of the pink color, while another colored stone can add even more character and flavor for a very daring and out-there personality.

Leibish Pink Diamonds

Brown Diamonds

In addition to yellow diamonds, brown diamonds are also considered to be found in greater abundance than most of the other color diamonds. They are therefore more affordable. They offer a very neutral color that can be suitable for practically anyone. Brown diamond jewelry provides a neutral accessory for any personality and any outfit while also adding that diamond shine. Those who find colorless diamonds to be too shiny and glitzy might take to brown diamonds since they appear more modest yet just as elegant, classy, and beautiful.

Leibish Brown Diamonds

Black Diamonds

The complete opposite of colorless diamonds would be black diamonds, as colorless diamonds are the utter lack of color and black diamonds are too dark to allow any color to show, which is why they are only in found in one color intensity level: fancy black. Black diamonds appeal to many types for different reasons. They are first and foremost diamonds, so any lover of diamonds will love the reflection of light off the facets of this black stone. Additionally, those drawn to black will be attracted by the beautiful black hue that is exuded from this precious stone. Black goes with everything and the gorgeous facets of the diamonds still provide that elegant aspect without being over the top.

Leibish Black Diamonds


The number one appealing factor that emeralds hold is the exquisite green color. Although there are green diamonds, which are actually rarer than emeralds, they do not provide the same color as emeralds. Emeralds make a more affordable, colorful addition to any jewelry collection. Someone looking for a beautiful color to add to his or her wardrobe through a precious gemstone will be a perfect match with this delightful gem.

Leibish Emerald


Like emeralds, rubies provide a mesmerizing color to the table: red. A ruby’s red coloring is like no other, and anyone looking for a bold colorful gem to express his or her boisterous personality will find the answer in this stunning precious stone.

Leibish Ruby Jewelry


Though sapphires come in an array of colors, we will focus on its most popular color: blue. While blue diamonds do exists and are also a possibility for someone seeking a soothing blue color, they are far pricier and don’t quite provide that same blue color that sapphires display. Those who are after a regal color that will stand out without being too “out there” might find that sapphires suit their needs the most.

Leibish Sapphire Jewelry

There is a reason why there are so many colors in the rainbow, and on our planet. Each and every one of us is drawn to a different color. Thankfully there are gemstones in every hue that can help give us what we are after. In addition to the actual color, individuals look for the way in which the color is seen. Some prefer the shine and brilliance of a diamond while others are after a matte look. Whichever color each person seeks, or best suits his or her needs, it can be found in the aforementioned stones or the many other phenomenal semi-precious gemstones found on our planet. 

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