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Do Diamonds Have an Age?

‘Diamonds are forever!’ At least that much we all know. The question that begs our attention is, how old must one be to wear diamonds? When does 'forever' actually begin?

Earlier this month, a New York based diamond dealer created a beautiful $400,000 platinum and colored diamond pacifier. The four ounces of platinum and single natural green-blue diamond were used to promote his color diamond brand. Perhaps it wasn't the most practical piece of jewelry that ever existed, but it definitely is a great conversation starter!

The truth is, infants as young as several months old have been known to boast diamond studs on their tiny earlobes, and toddlers still in diapers have been spotted with dangling diamond bracelets on their plump wrists. Still, diamonds of a certain caliber seem to be reserved for those who are slightly older and who perhaps do not pose as much of a "risk factor." Let us take a look at diamonds that fall into various categories and what ages might or might not be considered quite appropriate for bearing such a responsibility.

Diamond Sizes

Diamonds sizes vary greatly. We see diamonds of all sizes adorning women around the world, mainly depending on their budget. However, price is not the only factor. One can have all of the money in the world and still choose to go with something a bit daintier and less ostentatious. The same goes for children. What may look fabulous on a well to do grown up can look rather silly and age inappropriate on a child. Therefore one should think twice about draping a large diamond pendant around their daughter’s neck. Another thing to consider is the weight and the child’s overall comfort level. Children like to run around freely, so having a heavy jewel weighing them down can be a nuisance to say the least. Similarly, it can cause great discomfort to the wearer, and as we know, many children are not big fans of wearing things that scratch, knock against them, or cause them to sweat relentlessly.

Champagne diamonds of different sizes

Champagne diamonds of different sizes

A Lot to Lose

In addition to looking odd and being uncomfortable, another reason diamonds can be unsuitable for young children is the value. A diamond does not even have to be on the large side with a myriad of other reasons for its impracticality for it to be valuable and risky to wear. Even small fancy color diamonds can be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, and though it may seem suitable for a little girl in terms of its size and practicality, one has to understand that putting that much money and responsibility on such a young person can end badly. Now, if the idea of losing such sums of money is not daunting in the least, then perhaps this should not pose a problem at all.

The Hong Kong Way

Joseph Lau, a Hong Kong businessman is an example of an individual who feels that children can and should boast diamonds of immense value. Earlier this year he bought his seven-year-old, Josephine, not one, but two extravagant diamond pieces. The first, then called the Blue Moon, is the most expensive blue diamond ever sold at auction and is a 12-carat fancy vivid blue diamond that sold for $48.5 million. Lau renamed the stone Blue Moon of Josephine in honor of his daughter. He also bought her a 16.08-carat pink diamond, which he called Sweet Josephine. Both of these stones are not just incredibly pricey but are also extremely large, by all standards, but especially for a seven-year-old.

In the end of the day, the age someone should be in order to wear diamonds is completely individual. Some wait until they are old enough to afford to buy a diamond while others are given one during teenage hood as a kind of right of passage. Others pretty much grow up with diamonds from as along as they can remember. If responsibility is placed on the child wearing the stones, it can teach responsibility as well as consequences for being reckless or irresponsible. At the same time, those who are only given these jewels at a later age can learn that good things come to those who wait, and everything happens at the right age and time.

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