Famous Ruby Jewelry

There are jewelry pieces and then there are jewels.

Pieces containing breathtaking precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies can easily become an unforgettable and significant item. Members of royal families, Hollywood stars, and the upper class have been known to adorn themselves in eye-catching ruby jewelry. The combination of the striking red color and a ruby’s natural exquisite features result in a truly magnificent jewel. Here is a rundown of some of the unbelievable ruby jewels throughout time.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Any ruby jewelry list cannot begin without mentioning the great Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby and diamond necklace. Taylor’s third husband Michael Todd presented her with a stunning Cartier diamond and ruby necklace with matching earrings and a matching bracelet as she was coming out of the pool one sunny day many years ago. The young Elizabeth Taylor was thrilled with her gifts, and as there was no mirror in sight, used the refection of the blue pool to admire her new jewels.

Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara

Danish Crown Princess Mary has been known to wear Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara. Queen Luise of Sweden originally owned the stunning piece and passed it on to her daughter, the future Queen Luise of Denmark, as a wedding gift.

Ms. Wallis Simpson’s Ruby Collection 

Wallis Simpson, also known as the Duchess of Windsor, is famous for her scandalous marriage to the Duke of Windsor, Edward VII, as well as for her exquisite jewelry collection, particularly her rubies. The collection includes a Cartier emerald, ruby, and diamond brooch, a ruby cross pendant, and a ruby ring.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Boucheron Ruby Set Belle Epoque Necklace

The honorable Mrs. Greville from Boucheron in London left Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, many beautiful pieces, which were later given to queen Elizabeth II. Among these pieces is the Boucheron Ruby set Belle Epoque Necklace. The piece displays Edwardian style with a floral pattern and dense settings. The necklace contains rubies and diamonds and has only been slightly shortened.

The Queen Amelie of Portugal’s Ruby Necklace

Barbara Hutton famously wore the Queen of Amelie of Portugal’s Ruby Necklace a number of times. Photographer George Hoyningen-Huene photographed her on one of those occasions when she was wearing an Indian sari. The necklace was sometimes worn as a necklace and other times as a tiara.

Rubies and royalty seem to go hand in hand, and there’s a reason for that. Essentially red sapphires, rubies capture rich color, sturdiness, and shine, all in one stone. The dominant color is understandably a favorite among the elite, and as a result, rubies have adorned crowns, tiaras, scepters, necklaces, and rings galore for generations. Though rubies date back centuries, they are still extremely current. We will surely see them set in various jewelry pieces for many years to come.

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