Gerard Butler is Engaged

Is the ever-so-charming Gerard Butler actually engaged? This question has recently surfaced due to his girlfriend, Morgan Brown, being spotted wearing a very large and suspiciously- engagement looking diamond ring on her left hand. Once considered the ultimate ladies’ man, Gerard Butler has turned over a new leaf since starting a relationship this past summer with the model-turned-interior-designer, Ms. Brown. Things seem different this time around, and not just another repeat of his supposed relationships with the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Lindsey Lohan, and Jessica Biel. The pair has been photographed on numerous occasions in very intimate poses clearly indicating that something serious is going on, and it is not being kept from the media.

Ring or Engagement Ring?

Butler and Brown are obviously a thing, but is that large diamond sparkler seen on Morgan’s left hand during a casual solo stroll in Malibu an engagement ring? It is hard to know for sure. She was dressed extremely low key at the time, including a pair of worn out, torn jeans, a loose-fitting white shirt, and a salmon-colored scarf, but that could just be the soon-to-be-Mrs. Butler’s way of embracing her newest piece of jewelry.

About Gerard Butler

Although his charm and good looks have all the makings of a popular movie star, Gerard was actually a lawyer before he began his acting career in the mid 1990s. The Scottish actor first appeared in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, and later starred in several television shows. Some of his most famous roles over the past decade include performances in 300, The Ugly Truth, and The Bounty Hunter. Aside from having a reputation of being a ladies’ man, constantly moving from one woman to another, Gerard has also been known to have a few drinks too many. His battle with alcoholism has been quite public, but hopefully just as his relationship is being steered in the right direction so too his health should stabilize.

Morgan Brown

As the daughter of former model, Karen Brown, Morgan Brown had a career in modeling as well but left it for a promising career in interior design. The beauty doesn’t just have a knack for getting homes into better shape but for getting her man into shape too. Sources reveal that Brown has gotten Butler on juice diets, and on the right track in general for a better and healthier lifestyle.

For now, all engagement talk is just speculation. There may be a ring, but we won’t know more about it until it’s official. We will just have to make do with the knowledge that Butler and Brown are headed in the right direction. Gerard will appear next in the upcoming films, London Has Fallen, Geostorm, and Gods of Egypt.

We are so happy for the pair and can't wait to see pictures of the engagement ring and wedding ring! We hope they choose a yellow diamond ring!

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