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How to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings and Understanding the Backing!

One of the most beautiful forms of diamond jewelry is a pair of diamond stud earrings. There is something truly irresistible, classy, and magnificent about diamond studs, probably more so than any other earrings or diamond jewelry piece (except maybe a diamond ring). This is because there is nothing like the sparkle of diamonds and the ears are the best places to show them off. However, there are many different kinds of diamond stud earrings, at such a wide price range. How does one go about choosing the right studs? Here is a short guide that will help direct you to the perfect pair.


4.00 carat fancy yellow radiant shaped diamond stud earrings 

Decide What Matters Most

Let’s face it; everyone is different. Even if gorgeous diamond studs appeal to all types, they will vary. This is true regardless of the budget set aside for the earrings. A petite woman may prefer small studs while a woman with long hair might insist on large ones so that they can be seen. One girl will want colorless diamonds with a yellow halo, while someone else would prefer yellow diamonds with a colorless halo. There are no rules, just preferences. Some personalities avoid large jewelry pieces, while others are after the loudest and most lavish of them all. Once you know what kind of studs you are looking for you can start browsing to see what fits your budget.

Working With a Budget

In an ideal world, you would be able to buy whichever diamond studs your heart desires. Being that we need to be realistic, you need to map out a budget and figure out how your dream diamond studs fit into the picture. If there is a high budget, then problem solved. If you have a reasonable budget and you are satisfied with small stones, or studs that feature many tiny diamonds instead of a large center stone, you are also pretty much good to go. The problem arises when you want large stones of good quality and color but don’t exactly have the money to pay for them. Here is where some creativity is needed. There are several things that you can do that will get you the look you are after. Firstly, you can compromise on the color of the diamond. While stones with a D, E, or F color grades are nice, they will come at a much higher cost. G and H grade diamonds will most certainly suffice, especially when mounted. They will still sparkle and give you that shine on your ears that you are really after. Keeping in mind, ‘they’ say if he is close enough to your ears to see the difference between an F and a G color, it isn’t the color of the earring he is interested in looking at!

Color diamond and gemstone earrings

Color diamond and gemstone earrings by Leibish

In terms of clarity, eye-clean is what you truly need. You will have to pay a lot more for higher clarity stones and most people will not even be able to tell the difference. If these standards are too important to you and you would prefer compromising on the size of the stones, then do that. Again, it’s individual and everyone prefers something else. Sometimes you have to choose between size and quality.

Color of the Stones

It's funny how little stones on your earlobe can contribute so much towards your whole look. The sparkle of a nice diamond will truly compliment your appearance, and the color can go a far way. Some love the elegance of pink while others live for the strength of yellow. The coolest thing about colored diamonds is that it depends entirely on what you connect with. You can choose a straight color or something with a combination of two, three or even four colors. Each stone can be found at a different intensity, which essentially is how strong the color is shown and the metal in which it is set can create a beautiful contrast. Basically, your options are endless, so take a look at our collection of diamond studs and start browsing through your options!

Going the Halo Route

Many diamond lovers are after the clean diamond stud look, which often includes an expensive high-quality large stone. Though we have already mentioned some alternatives, none of them will really work if both size and quality is what one is after. Here is where the compromising will need to kick in. Both of these elements can be obtained, but by surrounding a smaller diamond with even smaller ones to create a halo. The idea is to create a larger earring and give the appearance of a larger diamond. Another little “hack” could be using thicker prongs that can help give an illusion of a larger stone.

Color diamond and gemstone earrings

Color diamond and gemstone halo earrings by Leibish

All About the Backs

After you have finally selected a pair of diamond stud earrings that works best for you, another major decision needs to be made. This is of course about the type of backs you will be putting on your earrings. Your valuable earrings will be practically worthless to you if you don’t have secure back that are comfortable and will hold the studs in place. Unfortunately, many jewelers use cheap backs because, well they are cheaper. But, you then run a risk of losing your earrings. Make sure the jeweler is using something with quality. The main types of earring backs are Alpa, screwbacks, and there are also pushback, friction, La Pousette, and Jumbo. Additionally, clear plastic discs can be applied behind these for extra support.

  • Alpa
    Alpa are very secure as the back grip essentially locks into place on the ear post.
  • Screwbacks
    Screwbacks are also very secure, and work well for those who have trouble with the Alpa mechanism. They offer great support due to their threaded posts.
  • Friction
    Friction backs are quite common and easy to apply and take off, however there is a little bit of a risk, unless they are good ones. They are less supportive as they can wear out over time and slide off.
  • La Pousette
    La Pousette offers the best of both worlds with convenience and security, but they come at a cost. Since they are somewhat complex to make, they are pricier.
  • Jumbo
    Lastly, jumbo backs are simply supersized friction backs, which can help with larger earrings but have the same setbacks as regular-sized ones with the added disadvantage of costing more due to their larger size.

Similar to diamond rings, diamond stud earrings takes research and consideration before the final product is purchased. These earrings will hopefully serve you for many years to come so they should be chosen carefully and of course be insured right away.

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