Introducing the Princess Constellation Shoes: Every Girl’s Dream

Many things that we read in stories, especially as children, remain in stories and do not have much of a place in the real world, such as Pinocchio the wooden boy, Tiana and her frog prince, Rapunzel and her cascading hair, Ariel’s wish to be human, and Cinderella’s dreamy glass slippers. The ultimate 'Cinderella' shoe for every girl should be rooted so deeply in story land that even a small chance of them becoming a reality seems impossible. However, thanks to the dedication of many talented individuals, access to some of the world’s most luxurious materials, and of course lots and lots of money, Cinderella’s shoes are not only real, but better than one could have ever imagined. Introducing the Princess Constellation Shoes made from 18K gold (or platinum) and encrusted with 1,290 diamonds that cost approximately $340,000.

The Concept

Inspired by the Paul Simon hit “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes,” the Princess Constellation shoe design took two years to create and each pair requires three weeks to be completed. The mastermind behind these stilettos is Christopher Michael Shellis, a British designer from Birmingham, who has also overseen additional similar projects. Having worked in the center of the Jewelry Quarter for more than twenty years, Christopher has become so in tune with the precious materials that he is able create extravagant shoes in impossible conditions. Christopher uses a secret heating technique as well as temperatures exceeding 1,000C to complete his creations. The idea behind this particular design was to create the crown jewel of all shoes.

The Product

Available in pure platinum or 18K gold, the Princess Constellation shoes consist of a replaceable sole and heel so they can be replaced by the owner forever. This feature combined with the one-thousand-year guarantee proves that this product is meant to be more than just another item in one’s closet, but rather, artifacts that will be around to be cherished for a thousand years. Christopher feels as though he has accomplished his goal of creating a crown jewel, since when he stands back and looks at his work, he feels as though he has created his finest work. The pair of jeweled stilettos is not for the shallow-pocketed, but they are also not intended solely to look good. Needless to say, this type of footwear doubles as a superb timepiece. In addition, they are guaranteed to make any woman feel like a princess.

Not Only for the Wealthy

House of Borgezie, Christopher’s label, caters towards buyers from Russia, Dubai, and the United States, including celebrities. However, this “jewelry for the feet” as Christopher puts it, is not reserved just for the super privileged. In fact, Christopher has made it his mission to create stilettos with a similar vision for the “average woman.” These “affordable” shoes will be unveiled in the upcoming months and will be sold for under a mere $1,685. Diamond studded shoes, including stilettos; have been created in the past. However, when one pours his heart and soul into a project the way Christopher does, the result is a one-of-a-kind, most expensive shoe in the world, which is truly a work of art.

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