Jewelry Ecommerce: How the Traditional Trade of Diamonds is Changing

Like any other trade, a large part of successful diamond sales depends greatly on where and how they are sold. For decades, jewelry pieces, diamonds included, have been sold at local “corner” jewelry stores, where a respectable and knowledgeable salesman would greet you and help you find what you are looking for. Though this form of retail has worked quite well in the past, we have long since entered an era where additional if not alternative retail methods are needed. This is the result of our growing dependency on the Internet and the virtual world, which allows us to get more done in less time, remotely. In order to efficiently increase sales in the dynamic world in which we live, it is crucial to understand the changes taking place around us, their effects on us and on the world as a whole, and what we need to adopt from these changes.


LEIBISH takes you on a tour through their virtual world of how their day to day business works. They enable you to better understand the process of designing fancy color diamond jewelry, from selecting the diamonds through to manufacturing the jewelry. 

Traditional Corner Jewelry Stores

The beautiful display windows, colorful awnings, and metallic lettering announcing the store’s name are some details that come to mind when you imagine a traditional jewelry store. Yes, there is something exciting about walking into a shiny, meticulous store, carefully lined with spotless display cases showcasing eye-catching jewelry pieces of all styles, shapes, and colors. Shopping in such a store is an experience of its own. However, as luxurious and wonderful as it might feel to be in such a place, it does not come without a cost. Think about the heavy security, insurance, and real estate costs involved in running such an establishment. It is no question that it adds quite the sum to the already high prices of jewelry and diamond pieces.

The World of Ecommerce

The term ecommerce was created around the time the Internet began to be used rather commonly. The notion of selling things through the assistance of a computer and the Internet service opened up many doors for countless businesses and organizations, and continues to do so till today. Though pretty much anything can be purchased online today, expensive items such as diamonds are now entering the ecommerce market and taking it by storm. Apparently, through the help of high security sites and purchasing protocols, many individuals are putting their fears and concerns aside and opting to take advantage of the extremely convenient online diamond and jewelry stores, which allow quick and efficient shopping experiences that include delivery. Shopping online may not allow you to actually try on a piece of jewelry, but websites that offer high quality images provide the ability to see how the pieces display.

Additionally, there are wide selections from which to choose and best of all one can check out the recently sold items to get great ideas of design and learn which items are most popular. Most sites offer reasonable exchange and return policies, which makes these purchases much less stressful. Of course it is mandatory to inquire regarding the site’s legitimacy and look into recommendations, but all in all, such sites offer vast selections at lower costs, so money is saved by not having to fund a physical storefront.

Auction Houses Present Online Auctions

Esteemed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been hosting prestigious auctions at locations around the globe for decades. These events attract well-to-do individuals from all around the world. Though these sales have been known to rake in very impressive sums, these very auction houses are turning to the Internet to make sales in an entirely new fashion. For the first time ever, Christie’s will be holding an online auction where potential buyers can place bids over a span of 10 days, from July 17th to July 26th. “Entitled Summer Jewels”, the sale will include over 100 lots from many different contemporary jewelers. This inaugural online auction will have earrings, pendants, bracelets up for sale along with many other jewelry pieces by up and coming jewelry designers such as Marina B., Marina Bulgari, and Olivia Wildenstein.

The Importance of Ecommerce in the Jewelry World

The importance of incorporating ecommerce services into your jewelry or diamond business has become quite apparent. As an example as to just how important, JNA (Jewelry News Asia) is actually offering an E-Tailer of the Year award in the upcoming JNA Awards 2013 to a company that has made groundbreaking change in the ever-growing field of jewelry ecommerce. LEIBISH, a huge name in the Colored Diamond industry, has been nominated for this honorable award, as a result of their tireless efforts to make major changes and breakthroughs in this significant genre.

 JNA Awards Nomination Banner

It is no secret that the world as we know it is rapidly changing. In order to make the most of it and succeed as much as possible, it is imperative to keep with the times and stay on top of what people are after. Today it is all about easy access and convenience. Introducing intuitive and efficient ecommerce services to your business will without a doubt bring up sales, increase business, and spread your brand awareness.

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