Leibish & Co. Releases The Leibish Collections




Following their monumental release of a comprehensive and detailed mobile site that allows for buying fancy color diamonds and jewelry from the comfort of a mobile or tablet device, LEIBISH is yet again introducing mammoth innovations in the industry.


LEIBISH is proud to announce the launch of their new fancy color diamond jewelry collections, all with completely repeatable design capabilities. The company currently has 16 different collections, with more coming soon.


Touche de Couleur Collectino

Touche de Couleur Collection



Featuring both fancy color and colorless diamonds, the unique designs are so significant because of their revolutionary design concept. As a result of the rarity of these precious stones, the majority of fancy color diamond jewelry could only be made once, as no two color diamonds are exactly alike. Only one person could ever be the owner of these one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, because every single fancy color diamond is completely distinctive. As a company, LEIBISH has always felt strongly that beautiful color designs should not be limited to a specific few, but rather available to anyone who loves and wants them. Through the concept of the design, Leibish is able to offer each one of their collection pieces as affordable repeatable items therefore enabling the general public to enjoy.


Another of the biggest limitations in the diamond industry is the exclusivity that companies give to their designs and their scope of distribution. As an online brand that is active in hubs all over the world, LEIBISH does not exclude anyone who loves jewelry, and is happy to announce that we can now provide fancy color designs to a variety of demographics in various styles and colors, all with free international shipping.


The Canary Collection

The Canary Collection


Featuring pink, yellow, and champagne color diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, all designs are available in a range of colors and options. Some collections feature color diamond center stones and colorless supporting elements in the design, and others feature fancy color and colorless pave diamonds that compose the design. More collections are always in the making as the inventive design team is constantly dreaming up more beautiful jewelry to produce. Drawing on inspiration from the natural world and from human emotions, the collections are a true reflection of the heart and soul of LEIBISH, how the company embraces color as the source of life, and how beautiful jewelry can look with the right measures of creativity and design.


The Lilies Collection

The Lilies Collection


Grouped by design concept and their inspiration, these beautiful jewelry pieces are the first of their kind and each one is truly a treasure. Their inspiration, whether it is the concept of love and passion, the deep connections between people, the interaction of colors in nature, the symbols of beauty in modern day culture, or something as simple as flora and fauna, ignites a spark and flame of creativity in the designers and is what brings the beautiful collections from their vision to reality.


The Amour Collection

The LEIBISH Amour Collection


 The magic of the Leibish collections has begun.