Limited Edition Argyle Pink Diamond Ingots

Unveiled: Limited Edition Argyle Pink Diamond Ingots Commemorating Underground Mine Opening

With the new Argyle underground mine project underway, Rio Tinto has revealed a line of special edition pink diamond ingots created to commemorate this historic moment. Only 168 units of this unique product will be produced, each constructed from rare pink gold and embedded with seven Argyle pink diamonds. The pink gold is made from 91.67% 22K pure gold and 8.33% pure copper, which is what gives the gold its pink color.

Each ingot measures 41.60 mm by 24.60 mm, is 4.00 mm thick, and weighs 1 ounce.  The ingot is packaged in a luxurious matte black gift box with a beveled window in the middle.  A certificate of authentication is included in the box.  

There are two sides to this unique ingot. The front displays an engraved sketch of the ancient boab tree, under which the Argyle mine was discovered in Kimberley, West Australia. Six rare Argyle pink diamonds are set into the gold and adorn the depiction of the tree. The words “Argyle Pink Diamonds” are engraved towards the bottom of the ingot.  On the back of the ingot, a seventh pink Argyle diamond is placed at the center of an engraved star. Additional engravings of star clusters are scattered around the back as well. The serial number is engraved at the top, while the ingot’s gold specifications are engraved at the bottom.

This unusual item is valued at $4,880 and is a symbol of the successful Argyle past. The piece is an investment and a true commemoration of the Argyle mine. Only 168 individuals will take possession of this product, which will soon be offered to the public.

These look to be really nice keepsakes of the Argyle mine, but unfortunately only Argyle is selling them. However, for those interested in collecting Argyle materials, their diamonds are sold with an Argyle certificate and are often engraved with the Argyle logo as well.

The Argyle diamond mine is one of the most famous diamond mines in the world, and the most recognized pink diamond source on the planet. Responsible for the majority of the world’s pink diamonds, although for not too much longer, the Argyle mine is beginning a new chapter with the commencement of the underground mining project.

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