Man Attempts to Smuggle Diamonds in Underwear

People worldwide adore diamonds and diamond jewelry, but some individuals will go through extreme measures to obtain them or bring them to others. That is precisely what a gentleman who entered China through Hong Kong attempted to do. Chinese authorities reprehended an individual who was fidgeting as he walked. After pulling him aside and inspecting him, the police discovered a plastic bag in his underwear filled with diamonds and some gold jewelry.


Small but Plentiful


After a few excruciating hours of counting the stones, the officials came to a total of 7,000 sparkling diamonds with total carat weight of 72.05 carats! In addition to the many diamonds this man tried to smuggle into China, there were also ten pieces of gold jewelry totaling 130 grams. Although the value was not publicized, it could have easily been in the millions of dollars.


Shenzhen: Home to the Special Economic Zone


The area in which the incident took place is known as Shenzhen, which is just north of Hong Kong. Home to more than 10 million people, it is the first Chinese city that has built a Special Economic Zone, where major foreign investment takes place. This up and coming economic hub will soon also host a rough diamond center.


Diamonds are known for their advantages of being extremely private, uncomplicated to transport, and easy to conceal. However, shoving 7,000 stones, not to mention 130 grams of gold, in your shorts, might be pushing it a little too far!

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