Pink Sapphires - Value, Meaning & Rarity

Pink sapphires are a bit of a confusing term since, technically, pink sapphires are stones that are not red enough to be considered a ruby. To clarify, both sapphires and rubies are varieties of the mineral corundum. The only difference between the two gemstones is the color.

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While sapphires refer to the blue variety, as well as the array of other colors including pink, rubies refer to the deep crimson type of corundum. In order to be considered a ruby and not a sapphire in the United States, red corundum must display a certain color intensity level. Chromium is what gives rubies their red color. Stones with high traces of chromium are rubies, and stones with low traces fall into the pink sapphire category.

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Value Determining Properties

Although pink sapphires are not considered rubies, they can still cost quite the pretty penny. Especially if they showcase an intense pink hue. That is why the color is the most important factor in determining the worth of a pink sapphire. The second most important factor is the carat sizes. In fact, since pink sapphires are quite rare, any stone over half a carat in size is kept that size in order to preserve the few large pink sapphires that exist. Stones with high clarity are also very much prized, and do exist, although one should take precautions since many of the “flawless” pink sapphires out there have been artificially treated.

Pink Sapphire Sources

Pink sapphires are considered quite rare, but they were once considered far rarer. That is because they were only found in select locations around the globe including Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In the late1990s that all changed with the discovery of pink sapphires in Madagascar.

Famous Pink Sapphires

One of the largest pink sapphires found to date is an oval-shaped 5.81-carat stone that was set in a ring with marquise diamonds. The value of the entire piece was estimated in 2012 at approximately $27,455.

Sapphire lovers and pink gemstone enthusiasts will be pleased to hear about these stunning and unusual stones that have their own unique gleam and serve as an intriguing alternative to pink diamonds and pink emeralds. They also make terrific investment opportunities.

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