Snazzy Engagement Ring Boxes for Sensational Engagement Rings

There is no need to describe the need for an unbelievable engagement ring that will sweep your special someone off her feet, but it may be a little unclear as to why the perfect engagement ring box is required as well. Though one should never judge a book by its cover, a cover can most definitely indicate what's inside and it can add to the overall vibe of the gift, whatever it may be.

The traditional engagement ring box is a square, velvet box, which can be red, black, brown or dark blue. However, there are those that feel that this standard case is 'less than practical.' It is bulky, hard to conceal, and not overly impressive. This is what has lead entrepreneurs like Andrew Zo, to design a pretty creative product. An engagement ring box that he feels is more 'suitable' for its contents. With some basic quality materials, and a lot of creativity and originality, the Clifton flat engagement ring box was born. Creativity is often appreciated, there are those that prefer expensive products which fit their expensive taste, and others who like a little more of a personal touch. Other unique engagement ring boxes exist as well, including one with a built-in camera, designed to capture that special moment.

The Clifton Box: Simply Surprising

The thing that strikes you most about the Clifton box is its simplicity as well as the utter genius of it all. When closed, the box looks very much like a wallet, only smaller. Upon opening the unique item, it pops out like a child’s pop-up book, but instead of three-dimensional pictures appearing out of nowhere, a stunning ring is displayed, surrounded by padded sides. The simple yet brilliant idea behind the Clifton box has shed light on the importance of the packaging. The proposal does not begin and end with the engagement ring. It may end with the ring, or more accurately, with the hopefully positive response, but it begins with the box. Since its launch, Clifton has been flooded with requests and will only be taking additional orders in October. Each and every piece is handmade and created with great attention to detail, quality, and perfection.

The Ring Cam Box: The Best Way to Record Your Proposal

They say that the best ideas are those that are out of the box, but in this case, the idea actually come from inside the box, literally! The engagement ring and the magical moment when she says the much-anticipated “Yes!” is brought together by a box. It is not until the box is opened and presented that the proposal is complete. Therefore, the box is the key for capturing the priceless moment and expression upon seeing the ring for the first time. The Ring Cam box is an elegant engagement ring box with a built-in camera; the only one of its kind. So if you want to make the most of your proposal, and your box for that matter, this box might be just the thing for you.

Unique Engagement Ring Boxes

Many individuals find that the ring they have chosen for their future fiancé is special and personal, and therefore, the standard box that comes with the ring just doesn’t do it justice. Since there are limited options out there in the engagement ring box sphere, some take matters into their own hands by creating unique and original boxes. From boxes made entirely from wood to those resembling cupcakes, baseballs, and seashells, there has been much creativity in this space. An inexpensive option is the good old fortune cookie, but make sure she doesn’t swallow it! There is no competition when it comes to a diamond engagement ring, and you can feel free to browse through our magnificent collection of color diamond engagement rings, but it is understandable that such a fine item deserves a suitable companion. Finding the right box for your ring will only make your proposal more special and memorable.

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