Spoiled Rotten - Putting Baby to Sleep in a $11.69 Million Crib

'Spoiled Rotten' takes on a new meaning when a baby is brought home from the hospital to a solid gold crib. The concept seems ridiculous but this is no fantasy; a crib created from pure gold can indeed be purchased when money is no object.


48 Kilograms of Solid Gold


The hefty price tag of £7 million reflects the fact that it took 48 kilos of solid gold to create this unusual baby bassinet. Suommo, a Spanish company, has tailored every detail of this crib so that it is 100% luxury from top to bottom. This includes a gold yarn-stitched changing mat, silk bedding, and custom wheels and insignia, both of which can also be constructed from diamonds.


The Vision


Suommo’s vision is to create a completely luxurious life for tiny infants from the time they are born. This includes the bed in which they sleep. The company had already come out with a luxury bassinet designed for those without a budget in sight, and took it a step further with this golden egg-shaped bassinet. The result: unimaginable beauty, pampering, and extravagance all rolled into one compact bed.


Additional Luxury Baby Items


This crib comes across as over the top, but once you have taken a peek at some of these other lavish baby items, it might not seem so excessive anymore. Let’s begin with a baby basic such as a pacifier. A $17,000 gold an diamond pacifier exists, with 278 diamonds set in the finest European white gold. Next is one of the most classic children’s toys: a rocking horse. However, this one is made from 24K gold and costs $1.28 million! A gold-plated baby carriage with a sound system will cost only $6,000 and a high chair by Carla Monchen, studded with none another than Swarovski crystals can be bought for a reasonable price. You can carry your baby in style in a Gucci baby carrier for only $600 and give him or her a hand-tuned baby rattle made from German silver and plated in silver and 14K gold. With babies used to such a solid gold crib would be the next logical step!


For some, an object is never complete without a little bit of shine and dazzle, whether if it an item meant for daily use or just for show in a collection - even something as mundane as a baby crib!